Mom Knows Best: Anthony Steen

Margaret Steen said the other day Alabama Offensive Line Coach Joe Pendry called the Steen residence. Incoming Tide freshman Anthony Steen assumed the call was for him, but instead he was calling to talk to Margaret.

"He (Pendry) was calling for me," says Mrs. Steen. "He just wanted to reassure me everything was going to be fine with Anthony and how much he was looking forward to having him at Alabama. They have a lot of the same interests."

Margaret Steen plans to be with her son this Sunday, May 31st, as he embarks on his college journey from Clarksdale, Mississippi to Tuscaloosa.

"It's about a three hour drive," Mrs. Steen said. "But not an easy one."

There are no true interstate roads connecting the two cities, so one making the trip would have to rely mainly on U.S. Highway roads.

"Anthony's excited. I think he'll love it," Mrs. Steen aded.

Last July, Anthony Steen decided to go ahead and commit to Alabama after receiving offers from big football programs such as FSU and Miami.

"Alabama was the best overall choice for Anthony," said Mrs. Steen of her son's decision. "He said it was a 'gut feeling' he had and all of us felt the same way."

"It was just the way they treated us like family, the way the campus looked, and how everything's run so well organized that we liked most about Alabama."

"Not any of the other schools did that. Last year when he was going to camps I asked how he was going to choose a school, and he told me 'they say you'll just know,' and I guess that was right."

The recruiting process was an overall pleasant experience for Mrs. Steen.

"It was great meeting people, and we were treated so well," she said. "The only thing that got to be a little annoying were all the phone calls from schools, recruiters, newspapers, websites."

"That was probably a big reason Anthony chose to commit when he did. He's not much of a phone talker. Give him a fishing pole or something else and he's fine. After he committed in July we got a lot less phone calls."

This also enabled Anthony to focus on his senior season at Lee Academy Colts.

Although Margaret Steen is very proud of her son's accomplishments and thinks he'll do fine at UA, this coming weekend won't be easy for her.

"It'll be his first time away from home," says Mrs. Steen. "I'll go down with him on Sunday, and maybe staying for a night or two."

Laughingly, she adds, "I may even look for a place to live while I'm there. Even though he won't be too far, we're going to miss him."

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