Here are teams that DON'T get it

Pending a possible appeal of Thursday's NCAA Committee on Infractions ruling, the following University of Alabama athletics teams could be directly affected by the penalty of vacating victories in competition.

Late Thursday, Alabama's athletics department released a list of games in which Alabama's football team was victorious on the field in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Pending appeal, these are the games that Bama will not be able to claim as victories on banners and stationery, among other places according to NCAA edict.

Alabama will not get to celebrate these memorable victories over opponents from those three seasons in which Crimson Tide players who had benefited in some way from abusing the textbook process. But those opponents get little to cheer about. It's not a win or a loss for Alabama. It's still a loss for all of those teams.

The NCAA ruling states that the Alabama football team would vacate 21 victories achieved between 2005 and 2007:

2005: Middle Tennessee, Southern Mississippi, South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Utah State, Mississippi State, and Texas Tech (Cotton Bowl).

2006: Hawaii, Vanderbilt, Louisiana-Monroe, Duke, Mississippi, and Florida International.

2007: Western Carolina, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Houston, and Mississippi.

The Alabama men's tennis team could vacate one tennis match, a 2007 NCAA Tournament First Round victory over Duke University.

No other team contest outcomes would be affected if the current ruling stands.

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