NCAA Announcement Questions, Answers

Following the announcement of penalties by the NCAA against Alabama's athletics program, there were general questions of interest. Here are some of those and the answers:

The University of Alabama office of media relations provided the following:

What will UA do during the probational period to make sure there are no other violations?

The University has been recognized both for its compliance program in general and for its educational and website programs in particular. This case involves a failure in an isolated aspect of the program, and there is neither evidence nor allegations of other NCAA rules violations.

Doesn't this put UA back in the repeat offender window? For how long?

Yes. Five years.

Why are records [of textbook distribution] not available prior to 2005?

The University switched to a new software program in 2006, making it difficult to retrieve reliable information prior to Fall 2005.

Why did the students have to repay the cost of the optional textbooks if it wasn't their fault?

Repayment was made in accordance with NCAA regulations.

Initially only five football players were identified. Why are there seven now?

After the initial suspensions, The University conducted an audit and investigation that revealed two additional football student-athletes received impermissible textbook benefits.

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