UA vs. Notre Dame At Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium was the venue for 'BAMA Magazine to discuss a dream matchup with a once historical powerhouse college football program looking for resurgence. The occasion found Notre Dame's head football coach, Charlie Weis, front and center at the legendary home of the Bronx Bombers unveiling their 2010 contest against the Black Knights of Army. The subject was Alabama vs. Notre Dame football.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban has talked openly and unabashedly about playing other legendary football schools such as Notre Dame and Texas. Recent whispers of jaunting west to the Longhorns' north pasture in Dallas at the new Cowboys Stadium rival any wish a Crimson Tide supporter might imagine except for one other that would trump that festive scenario. Venturing north to South Bend's "Holy Land" to compete against the Fighting Irish or luring them to the confines of the "Bear" trap known as Bryant-Denny Stadium would inspire a new generation of the Crimson and White faithful who have only heard through their elders about the previous "classic" encounters.

But could you fathom the magnitude of attention testing the capacity of publicity bandwidth if the iconic trifecta of Alabama, Notre Dame and Yankee Stadium appeared in the same headline? Editors across the country could take a vacation day from the agonizing decision as two split second ceremonial coin tosses determine which of the three colossal names of the sports world would be deemed as the first word of the announcement gracing the country's media outlets. Money machine printing presses churning at a normal rate might impede the process as network executives vie to sign a contract in a New York minute merging the triumvirate traditions.

Saban's dominant cutting edge penchant would slice deeper across the contemporary minds of recruits if such a union was formulated. Baseball caps are the standard attire for young athletic prospects across the country as the notably fashionable interlocking NY remains most popular. Alabama vs. Notre Dame in Yankee Stadium is lyrical enough for any Broadway songwriter. Three names synonymous with championships incorporate to form a booking agent's reincarnated paradise. Maybe only the ancient headline from centuries ago compares – The Christians vs. The Lions at the Roman Coliseum.

The attractive pairing at the Bronx venue adjoining Wall Street's Manhattan fortune tellers would be risky considering the projected dates available occur during the heart of the cannibalistic SEC schedule but significant rewards for the victor are present. Accompanying the attentive big city lights would be the reverberating rays of the outcome prodigiously dispersed across the landscape of public opinion.

Hedging against cold Big Apple weather overwhelming the warm-blooded Crimson Tide thus preventing advantageous climate temperature conditions for the Midwestern Catholic Golden Domers is not likely considering the game's window of opportunity is in November. Although a precedent was set with the four previous regular season showdowns played in November (A-1976, H -1980, A-1987) and October (H-1986), Alabama's recent trend has been to schedule the glamour non-conference opponents early. Would they cast aside the habit seemingly etched across the sky to reach for the once in a lifetime scheduling comet?

Perhaps the balanced pair of Notre Dame graduate Don Criqui with "Broadway Joe" Namath would be the appropriate broadcast crew. Criqui, a Bryant admirer and Namath, keenly aware of the Catholic school due west of his beloved Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, would dispense with any bias concerns from the viewing audience.

Asked about a future meeting against Alabama Weis stated, "I have nothing to do with scheduling." Acknowledging he knows Nick Saban very well, his opinion on a prospective opponent is divulged to the administration which has the supreme authoritative word on scheduling.

Bill Scholl, Senior Associate Athletics Director of Notre Dame, addressing the banter of a proposed game said, "There is nothing new. We certainly talk with a lot of programs and Alabama is one that we've had some informal discussions with, but we're certainly not anywhere where we're ready to announce anything yet."

Maybe the merging of two namesake programs testing their strength on baseball's hallowed ground is not destined for this time due to the constraints of scheduling but stranger dreams have come true recently for Alabama. Athletic Director Mal Moore's perceived folly in pursuit of Nick Saban made believers out of his quest to the delight of the Alabama contingent and to the dismay of rivals.

"I think there are a lot of places that would be a great venue for an Alabama-Notre Dame game. I think you could play it anywhere and people would be excited," Scholl hinted.

A once in a lifetime game for the ages which makes the event timeless but so is the trio of participants. Here is one more wish upon a star dream - Alabama vs. Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium.

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