C.J. Mosley Is A Football Package

C. (Clint) J. (Junior) Mosley, the 6-3, 220-pound upcoming senior linebacker from Theodore High School, is a nightmare for opposing offenses. Last season's tackles total of 176, of which 115 were solo, included 17 for loss and seven sacks. His 4.56 speed (timed in the combines) helps make him a tenacious sideline-to-sideline defender.

As a junior he caused four fumbles, recovered two, and added a pair of interceptions to his statistics.

C.J. Mosley coaches a YMCA associated basketball team of 10-11 year olds and professes a strong Christian faith. In June he took the ACT for the second time, hoping to improve upon his initial score of 18. Benching pressing 210 pounds, the low-key defender prefers the weakside linebacker position.

'BAMA Magazine spoke to Theodore Head Coach Bill Meredith and Linebacker Coach Scott Croley about the gifted four-star rated prospect. Alabama is among the college teams vying for Mosley's signature in February.

Coach Meredith on Mosley's strengths as a football player:
"He's a fast kid and a strong kid. He's a natural leader. Those are probably three things you look for. He's just a good all-around football player."

Coach Meredith on Mosley's development:
"I would like for him to get stronger of course but he plays basketball a lot so he hasn't been in the weight room that often."

Coach Meredith on his comments to recruiters about Mosley:
"He's just a rare kid. You won't find many of them like him. He's a straight A student with a good family. He's a good person. He's going to be a wealthy man one day because of it (his character)."

Coach Meredith on Mosley's leadership qualities:
"He just does. He's not a big talker but he just does. If you need somebody to make a play in basketball, he's the one who makes it. If you need somebody to make a play in football, he makes it. So kids just naturally follow him. He's such a leader. He's there on time. He does what he supposed to do so you can't help but follow."

Coach Meredith on schools recruiting Mosley:
"All the SEC schools except Vanderbilt have offered him so far, along with Stanford, Oklahoma and USC. Anybody that sees the video that thinks they have a chance to recruit him has offered him. To me he's the best player in the state. He's just that good."

Coach Croley on Mosley's strengths as a football player:
"He has exceptional instincts. His ability to take in coaching is phenomenal. He has the fundamentals you want out of a kid – size and speed. I think the thing he brings to the table more than anything is his smarts. He's an extremely intelligent kid. He's a kid that you tell one time to do something and he's doing it already. He adapts well to whatever we're wanting to do defensively. He's the total package. There is nothing more out of a linebacker that I could possibly want to coach."

Coach Croley on Mosley's on-the-field responsibilities:
"He's in charge of our adjustments based on whatever they're giving us when we scheme up a team. Any kind of game planning we do, he's in charge of the first set of adjustments. It's like having another coach on the field."

Coach Croley on Mosley's areas to develop:
"He's got some stuff he needs to clean up on - some small fundamental things. Sometimes he gets out of stance. Sometimes he's a step slow on his reads but that is something that he adjusts to easily because we'll sit down and watch the film and it's fixed. He strives to be better. A lot of kids in this day and age especially with the internet and scouting services look to see how many stars are by their name, but not C. J. He wants to be perfect at what he does. As far as fine-tuning things, he's a 17-year old kid who is still learning this game. He's only going to get better and that's something to say because he's pretty dang good now."

Coach Croley on Mosley's leadership skills:
"He's a soft spoken kid but he has the leadership skills that when its time to say something he's the first person to do so. He's not much of a rah rah guy but he knows how to be the leader. He knows everybody's looking up to him. They've looked up to him since he was a sophomore. That is a role that he's accepted and that he excels in. He's not going to be the guy to jump up and scream. He's going to say what needs to be said and tend to things that need to be fixed."

Coach Croley's reply to college recruiters about Mosley:
"I show them his transcript. He's sitting on about a 3.6 grade point average and that speaks for itself. And after that the easiest thing to do is just look at the film. You're going to see a kid that flies everywhere he goes. He knows one gear. You can actually sit in the stands and see him directing traffic which is what we expect him to do. He is our quarterback out there on defense. It's his responsibility and he accepts that responsibility to make sure that every single play we're exactly where we need to be."

Coach Croley on Mosley's role at Theodore HS:
"Mostly he is a weakside linebacker. He's strictly an outside linebacker, but when we get into certain packages he'll bump inside. Defensively, we filter everything to our weakside linebacker. We give him the opportunity to make a lot of plays and he does."

Coach Croley projecting Mosley's position at the next level:
"Recruiters and I have talked about and they have asked me my opinion about his position. I think he is a pure outside linebacker. The beautiful thing about it is and the thing that makes him so valuable is there are several different schemes that he can play outside linebacker. It's not just a 4-3 outside linebacker or a 3-4 outside linebacker. He can definitely bump down in a 3-4 and put his hand on the ground if he needed to. He's extremely versatile. With wheels like that and his frame, he's a big kid, he runs well. He adapts to just about any defense we want to put him in."

Coach Croley discussing Mosley's strength situation:
"From the waist up, he's got some improvement to make. From the waist down, he's a mule. The problem we have is we can never get him in a weight training program because he plays everything. He's a star on our track team. He's the best basketball player we have so we get to lift him out during the summer and that's just about it. He doesn't hardly touch a weight during the winter because he's constantly playing something."

Coach Croley on Mosley:
"He's just a great kid. The thing I always tell folks is I'm a really good coach when he's on the field."

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