Nicks Kids Awards Over $300,000

The third annual Nick's Kids Luncheon was held Tuesday at The Zone at Bryant-Denny Stadium as more than $300,000 was awarded to several local and state charities. Since Nick and Terry Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa in 2007, more than $1 million has been distributed to over 150 charities and organizations throughout the state and surrounding areas.

At Tuesday's luncheon, checks were presented to those charities and photographs were taken with the children and with volunteers.

"Terry and I started Nick's Kids way back at Michigan State," said Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban. "It's gotten bigger and bigger and bigger. We have the opportunity to do something to raise some money, give some money, to help young people have a chance to be successful. The whole Nick's Kids thing started because my dad kind of did these things. My mother and my family always said if you're ever in a position, we want you to do something to help young people. I think we do that as a college coach, but we also want to give back to the community and give it to some of the children who are less fortunate for whatever reasons."

The money is raised through the annual Nick's Kids Golf Tournament, speaking engagements by Nick and Terry Saban, as well as individual donations.

"This is one of the most self-gratifying days we have all year long," said Saban. "It's great to win some games in the SEC, especially when you can win them on the road, but this day matches those."

In addition to their work with Nick's Kids, the Sabans have also been generous in terms of their personal donation to the University of Alabama for scholarships. In June of 2008, Nick and Terry made a $1 Million pledge to the University for first-generation scholarships.

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