Cody Hasn't Yet Made The Weight

Elwood P. Dowd wouldn't have been able to have Terrence Cody as his companion. Both Harvey, the invisible rabbit in the Pulitzer Prize-winning play (and more famously film) by Mary Chase, and Cody, the Crimson Tide nose tackle, have a similarity in height. But Cody has a problem beyond being visible.

Dowd's Harvey has a height between 6-0 and 6-6, some say specifically 6-3 1/2. Alabama's Terrence Cody is 6-5. But Cody weighs something—we don't know exactly how much—over 350 pounds. It is the weight that keeps Cody from being a rabbit.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban says Alabama calls its third down pass situation defensive team "The Rabbits."

"To be a rabbit you have to be under 350," he said.

Cody had said in pre-season interviews that he wanted to prove to Saban that Cody could be a third down player. Last year Cody earned All-America for his play against the run. But on third down passing situations, Cody trotted to the sidelines, making way for a quicker player to rush the quarterback.

Tuesday, Saban was asked if Cody would be a third down player.

Saban said, "We told him if he got down to 348, we'd leave him in. He hasn't made it yet."

Saban's comments came in answers to questions regarding Crimson Tide players. Bama is preparing to open the season September 5 against Virginia Tech in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on September 5.

Alabama uses a number of defensive schemes and when Cody was replaced last year, it wasn't necessarily by another lineman. But it could be. And that lineman could be Marcell Dareus, although Saban didn't say that.

Saban did say Dareus "played well for us last year. He's had a good camp. He has initial quickness, he's athletic, and runs better than some of the other big guys. He's a very good player."

At 6-3, 305, Dareus makes the rabbit weight.

"He has improved," Saban said. "He's always been a strong effort guy. He's going to play a lot of football for us."

Saban said Dareus is one of the reasons Alabama has good depth on the defensive line. He also cited Damion Square (6-2, 290), Luther Davis (6-3, 299) and Josh Chapman (6-1, 305).

"And Kerry Murphy (6-4, 335) has shown some signs of being abvle to do some things since he's lost weight and gotten into shape," Saban said.

The Tide coach said a decision would be made later on whether to play freshman Darrington Sentimore (65-3, 280) who was not in Tuscaloosa during the summer.

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