Bryant-Denny Held Up To Rains

There was a story making the rounds at Bryant-Denny Stadium Saturday. Alabama Coach Nick Saban was mad because there was no tarpaulin cover on the grass field. Tuscaloosa had steady rains, sometimes torrential rains, prior to last week's game against North Texas.

At Wednesday's press briefing, Alabama Coach Nick Saban was asked about any contact he had with the grounds crew prior to the game.

Saban said he didn't have any contact with grounds crew members, but added, "I raised a lot of hell because we didn't have a tarp.

"But I guess we don't need a tarp," Saban said.

(One can't help but wonder where a tarp big enough to cover a football field would be stored.)

"As much as it rained, the system was able to get the water out," Saban said. "The field drained well. It was in pretty good shape. I don't know if it could have rained anymore before the game.

"Now maybe if it rained during the game it would be worse.

"The system, whatever it is, worked well, and the groundskeepers did a fantastic job."

Alabama has not always had a well-draining field. The original design called for a system under the field to remove water, but there were problems in the early years. Now the system seems to be working very well.

"I guess I need to go back and apologize to all those people I raised hell with about not having a tarp," Saban concluded.

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