Tide Has Only Few Things To Fear

Things are really looking good for the No. 3 Alabama Crimson Tide. They are 4-0, and ranked at the top in every offensive and defensive category that the NCAA diligently records. The Crimson Tide even is near the top the list in punting and kicking, while their quarterback is now ranked No. 3 in passing efficiency!

When was the last time that happened?

Yes, things are going great down in Tuscaloosa, so what could possibly go wrong?

Overconfidence and complacency, that is what can go wrong. These two deadly cancers are The Crimson Tide's most imminent threats to their chance at greatness.

In other words, the only thing this Alabama team should fear is Alabama itself.

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Overconfidence and complacency has beaten more great teams than any other opponent and it has derailed more championship seasons than injuries, bad luck and upsets put together.

It always happens when a team starts believing they really are as great as the media says they are, and it creeps in when they listen to what other people think and say about them.

There is a fine line between confidence and overconfidence that every team walks. There is also is a fine line between good and great.

Alabama is a great football team, but the reason they are great is because they work hard and play with intensity. It is because they play as a team with one heart.

It is not because the individual players are great, it is because this team is great team of individuals when they play as one.

This team could be destined to accomplish great things as long as they remember what made them successful, and they will succeed if they remember how they got where they are now and what it took to get there.

Nick Saban knows that very well and he will remind them everyday, but unless these young men really hear what he is saying and truly believe his words, they will fall into the same trap that other great teams have fallen into throughout history.

This team needs to remember that it is not about themselves, it is about the team.

Every great coach wants his team to play with a swagger, but every great coach fears overconfidence and complacency more than any opponent they will face.

These fears are justified because it is Alabama that may very well stand in its own way of their quest for greatness. It could be their own selfish attitude that could cause them to fail.

The BCS Championship road is littered with the remains of overconfident college football teams and the unemployment line is filled with coaches who failed to make their teams understand the danger in complacency.

This team seems to be very mature in their approach and I hope this Alabama team understands and avoids this deadly trap, because it is all that stands between them and making college football history.

Many experts are beginning to believe this Alabama team belongs in the National Championship conversation. I believe it because I believe in Coach Saban and I believe in this team.

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