Cody, Tiffin Key Tide Win in Instant Classic

The biggest Tide player and one of the smallest combined to spell doom for the Tennessee Vols, who gamely fought Alabama tooth-and-nail and had a shot to upset the Associated Press's No. 1 team (for now).

Enter Terrance Cody.

Exit the Volunteers' upset hopes.

After an Alabama timeout, the 6-5, 354-pound man-mountain Cody blocked his second Daniel Lincoln field goal attempt of the half on the game's final play to preserve a 12-10 Alabama win.

Did Daniel Lincoln help Cody get a Daniel Moore? As in painting?

"Who?" Cody asked, when given that question. "Oh. A painting, Hey, if I get one, great."

No one, not Cody, not Nick Saban, and not Cody's teammates had a clue where the last ball ended up after it was blocked.

Didn't matter.

Cody had a moment to reflect on what he'd just done as he lay in a heap on the Bryant-Denny turf.

"It was really emotional," he said. "I actually saved the game, and made a big play to keep us undefeated and keep us in the race for a national championship."

That he did. And here is what the big man remembers about the big play..

"I knocked (the blocker) back, and he was on his back. I just closed my eyes, and reached out, and got it. It was no. 69, one of the (Sullins) twins (Cory). I got him on the first one too. He was probably thinking, ‘Oh, Snap! Here we go again.'"

Like Saban, Cody wasn't sure where his second block ended up.

"I have no idea. I know where the first one went: back to the holder's hand, but I don't know where the second one went."

Said Javy Arenas, "We're fortunate to have guy like that, with his passion and love for the sport. I think it's amazing."

Cody's blocks both came with the Tide in "Max Block." Cody, Marcel Dareus and Rolando McClain are assigned to get a big push up the middle. 6-foot-4 leaper Julio Jones is just behind, assigned to leap as high as he can to try and get a hand on the ball. Neither got to him, though.

The big fellow made sure of it.

Tide coach Nick Saban described how "Max Block" works a bit more.

"Most of the time, in field goal situations, they have four or five eligible guys. There are different field goal fakes that you see. Well, when you go "Max Block," you're not really accounting for much of anything. You're saying, ‘They're going to kick it. That's what they need, and we're going to send all 11 guys to go get it.' "You've got three guys that we send up the middle that do what we call ‘Beach.' They get as much surge as they can. That's ‘Max Block.'"

"They do get a really good push," said Bama kicker Leigh Tiffin, who nailed four field goals (including a 49- and 50-yarder) to account for all of his team's scoring. Tiffin sees "Max Block" in practice. He knows.

"I knew our line would get a great push, because they do it in practice all the time. Our field goal block team is very good. I wouldn't want to kick against them (in a game)."

Julio Jones and Nico Johnson corralled the loose ball.

Tiffin is now eight points shy of tying Phillip Doyle as UA's all-time leading scorer. And he does most of his work in Bryant-Denny Stadium, a place he described thusly: "Of all the stadiums I've played in, this is probably my least favorite to kick in." He added that was due to swirling winds at field level.

You wouldn't have known it Saturday.

"I feel like I've got the same level of confidence I've had all year," said Tiffin, who has already passed his dad Van (1983-86) on the Alabama all-time scoring list. " I've been kicking well."

Tiffin said on both his long bombs Saturday he "fell like both of those were good, right off the bat. I don't even know that I watched either of them go in. I just turned to (holder) P.J. Fitzgerald."

For his part, Fitzgerald played well for the Tide, too, in a game dictated by special teams success. The senior punted three times for a 44-yard average, and gave Tiffin four good holds off four good snaps from senior Brian Selman.

Cody, Tiffin and the Tide will enjoy a bye week before hosting LSU Nov.. 7. Game time has not been announced, but press-box scuttlebutt seemed to be that CBS and 2:30 were again the most likely scenario.

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