Tide Needs To Get Its Mojo Back

Get ready for it Alabama fans. The media has turned on the Tide. Listening to the pundits this week the one theme that is being replayed over and over again is that Alabama has lost its mojo.

That's right. Texas, Cincinnati, Boise State, TCU, and Iowa are gaining ground and some of the media's talking heads are now saying that the Crimson Tide needs to be demoted in the rankings.

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In fact, Texas has already been moved ahead of Alabama in the all major polls this weekend and Alabama dropped in the BCS standing down to third. Texas now holds the second spot.

Why? Because Alabama has not exactly looked like world beaters lately and have not exactly been blowing teams like Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Tennessee off the field in their past three games.

It doesn't matter that Alabama was at the end of a very difficult eight-game stretch or that the Tide lost one of its best defensive players in Dont'a Hightower. It doesn't matter that they lost their leading receiver, Colin Peek, either; because they don't care.

It also doesn't seem to matter that Alabama's offense just faced three of the top 25 defenses in the country, or that Alabama's starting quarterback was going through a slump much in the same way Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow did earlier in the season; because that doesn't matter either.

Nope. According to the drum that ESPN, CBS, and ABC are beating, Alabama was all smoke and mirrors, and they may not have been what the talking heads thought they were just a few weeks ago.

Not so long ago the same media pinheads were saying things like, "Alabama is the most consistent team in college football" and "Alabama is the most complete team in college football," along with several of the same people saying, "Alabama should be No. 1." Now they are using terms like "one dimensional" and "unimpressive."

If the media is starting a campaign designed to influence the voters in hopes of dropping Alabama or raising teams like Texas, Cincinnati, Boise State, TCU, and Iowa, they have forgotten one very important thing.

Alabama still controls its own destiny.

Alabama will play No. 9 LSU this week in Tuscaloosa at 2:30 CST and if they win that game and keep winning they will play No. 1 Florida in the SEC Championship game in Atlanta on Dec 5.

Then if they beat No. 1 Florida in that game, it really won't matter what the talking heads were saying way back in the first part of November.

So what is it going to take to get Alabama back up to speed and playing like they were earlier in the year?

(1) The most important thing has already happened, Alabama has had a chance to rest.

Alabama played eight straight games without a break and even though they weren't the only team in the nation to do that, they were the only team ranked in the top five to have to do that and that wears on any team.

Nick Saban said this team was tired mentally and it has shown in Alabama's past two games.

(2) They have to get their swagger back and start having fun again.

Alabama has been playing like a team that is playing not to lose.

Instead they should be playing the way they were earlier in the year. In Alabama's first five games they looked like they were having fun, knocking teams off the ball and running and passing at will.

Everyone on the team was playing like there was no tomorrow. Now they look like everyone is trying to take away their Championship Trophy—you know, the one that they haven't even earned yet.

(3) Last but not least they need to stop listening to the media and the fans.

All the Heisman Trophy and No. 1 talk has gone to their heads. Have you noticed that every time one of them that was mentioned as the star of the team or a potential Heisman candidate by the media they have gone straight into the tank immediately afterward?

All of a sudden this team looks like they are trying to pose for pictures instead of playing Alabama football.

In Alabama's defense I know they are under a lot of pressure and all of this National Championship and Heisman talk has to have a negative effect on these players.

There is no doubt that the crown is heavy, and Alabama has been wearing this one all season long.

There is no doubt that they have been getting every opposing team's A game and it gets harder and harder to fend them off when you are playing not to lose.

There is also no doubt that if Alabama keeps playing to not lose, that is exactly what will happen--they will lose.

With only five games left between this Alabama team and their first trip to the BCS National Championship Game, I would suggest these players wake up and snap out of it!

If the Crimson Tide doesn't get back to business, they may end up watching the BCS Championship Game on television with the rest of the us when someone like LSU or Florida plays someone like Texas or Boise State for the BCS Title on Jan. 7, 2010 in Pasadena.

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