Controversy Does Not Bother Saban

Alabama Coach Nick Saban should be grateful for all the controversy over the "was it or wasn't it" interception by LSU in the fourth quarter of Bama's 24-15 win. From a Bama standpoint, the conversation has deflected talk of "What in the heck was Bama doing throwing the ball?!?!"

Needless to say, Alabama Coach Nick Saban isn't bothered "at all" by the attention the call, he said."If it was an interception, that doesn't mean they will win the game."

That logic seems to have escaped most who have determined both the officials on the field and the replay officials (with more views than television provides) blew the call. LSU wasn't exactly running up and down the field on Alabama. The Bengal Tigers failed to make enough yards for a first down, much less a touchdown, in the fourth quarter.

In the event you haven't heard, Alabama was leading by a 21-15 score with just under six minutes to play in the fourth quarter when quarterback Greg McElroy attempted a sideline pass to Julio Jones. LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson, who owned Jones most of the day, stepped in front of the pass and caught it. No question.

But there was a question whether Peterson had a foot inbounds when he made the catch. It wasn't obvious on television replays that most of us saw.

Saban said, "I saw it and it was hard for me to tell on our film. I don't watch the TV stuff, so I can't tell you or give you an opinion one way or the other."

* Saban said more, though. And something did bother him.

"I just really do believe this," Saban said. "If I was an official and I was making what I made officiating, because I loved the game and I loved doing it and was getting criticized by the media, including our announcers on TV, like these guys are getting criticized, I think; I'd step back and say, 'I think I'm going to the lake this weekend, you guys can have this.' That's what I'd do. Those guys do a great job. They work their tail off and try and do a good job. We have a guy jump offside and he doesn't get criticized like that. Both are mistakes, one way or the other. Can somebody stand up and fight for these guys and what they do, for the game? And probably get less for it than anybody."

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