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'BAMA Magazine had the opportunity to visit with three Rose Bowl/BCS National Championship Game officials during the month of November. Although most trends originate on the West coast and travel to all corners of the United States, the California contingent was baptized to the fervent frenzied atmosphere present at a Southeastern Conference football game in Tuscaloosa.

Tickets for the 2010 Citi BCS National Championship Game are at a premium as Alabama fans have patiently waited 17 long years for the Tide to reclaim the throne of college football. If your priority pole position is beneath the qualifying line for one of the 19,000 allotted to Alabama at the BCS deemed price of $200 each, all hope is not lost. Tuesday, December 15 at 10 a.m. CST, Ticketmaster will have nearly 2,000 tickets, albeit at a slightly higher price, available to the general public. Each ticket costing $275 plus the handling fees can be purchased online at the Ticketmaster web site (ticketmaster.com) or by directly dialing 213-365-3675. A maximum of two tickets per call and four tickets per person has been set.

Gina Chappin, Director of Media for the 96th Rose Bowl and the 2010 Citi BCS National Championship Game offers these suggestions for fans traveling to the Golden State. "The tickets will go through the university themselves. My best advice would be to follow up with your athletic department ticket office. As far as accommodations Los Angeles is a very large area different from this part of the country. We have a saying out there that five miles doesn't mean five minutes. Five miles could mean an hour and that's no joke on that one. It just depends on where you want to stay and the experience you wish to have in southern California. Pasadena is more inland with mountains or if you'd like to stay at the beach you have that option as well. There are a lot of places to stay. Get the reservations in early. Look at a map and figure out what you want your game week experience to be whether you're coming out three days ahead or a week."

"We have information on our web site (http://www.tournamentofroses.com/bcs/) and the Pasadena Visitors Bureau does a really good job of creating a bunch of information about hotel accommodations, restaurants and activities. We have a tour group within our office that offers packages with tickets for corporate sponsors." The web sites elaborate on the myriad of facts relevant to the broad spectrum of questions fans may wish to have answered including stadium information, parking, transportation, visitor center contact numbers, tickets and tour packages.

For those disappointed with the ticket figure apportioned each university, the hosting Rose Bowl officials requested and was granted a larger sum than the normal 16,000 designated for BCS games. "We have a larger stadium capacity than the other BCS venues so we wanted to offer the teams participating in the championship game more tickets. We wanted them to experience it. It's their game. We talked to the BCS about raising the allotment per team to 19,000," revealed Chappin.

Rose Bowl officials entrusted with the dual responsibility of hosting the national championship game toured Tuscaloosa in November during the weekend of the LSU game anticipating Alabama as a possible contender for the January 7 extravaganza. The intent of the mission focused on building relationships with school officials and media members laying the foundation for the intense preparations forthcoming. "I definitely understand Southern hospitality now. People have been so gracious. It's just nice to see folks rally behind the teams. It's been an incredible experience," said Kathy Perini, representing the 935 volunteers as an at-large Executive Committee member of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses.

"There will be a number released shortly in anticipation of the parade and the game that will be an information line (probably the week after Christmas). They can easily get a hold of that number by contacting the Pasadena Tournament of Roses (626-449-4100). They actually will start a phone bank that will run continuously that people can come in and ask questions and get a personalized answer to anything they want to know about coming to the area, the parade and the game," said the 20-year veteran of the New Year's Day spectacle.

For those able to venture West for an extended stay the week before the national championship game, they might consider attending the Rose Bowl Parade. "Sharp seating is the official state company for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses but if they want to come there's always places to see the parade if they're not able to get a seat. The farther you are away from the Pasadena Tournament Roses House the more opportunity you have to get a little closer to the floats and the parades and the equestrian units," Perini stated.

The advance planning provides for a smooth operation according to Dave Davis, Football Committee Member of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses and Past-President of the 2005 Rose Parade and Game. "We are the fourth bowl to have this double-hosting of having the national championship. We've actually put together a coalition of representatives from teams all over the country to tell us what works and what didn't work so that we can refine what we're doing to make sure our visitors to Pasadena in January have the best time possible," explained the 42-year Rose Bowl veteran about their inaugural responsibility. The consortium recommended separate hotels, practice facilities and media hotels as lessons learned from the experience of hosting four teams. "They can operate independently so if they are going to stay later or come early they are not going to be interfering with one another," Davis said. "We'll do the very, very best we can to make sure we are good hosts and repay all the hospitality we've been able to enjoy here (Tuscaloosa)."

The 2010 Citi BCS National Championship game on January 7 at 7 p.m. CST featuring the number one ranked Crimson Tide vs. the second ranked Texas Longhorns will attract legions of fans anxiously anticipating the two Titans clashing for regal supremacy. "As far as coming to California, if you have a chance to come, you've got to come," professed Perini. Thousands of Alabamians wearing the Crimson and White agree with her suggestion.

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