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There was much joy among Alabama fans last Saturday night when the Crimson Tide's Mark Ingram was announced as the winner of the Heisman Trophy. All all-time record number of viewers watched the televised event.

There was a particular gratification for a group of some 40-50 in New York. The Alabama alumni chapter organized a group to be at the entrance to the Nokia Theatre in Manhattan, where the program took place. They ere armed with crimson and white shakers.

The plan was simple: to cheer Mark Ingram as he made his entrance. It couldn't have been more enjoyable.

The report said, "Besides us there were only about 5-10 people from other schools (3-4 Florida fans, couple of Texas and a few Nebraska). When Coach Saban walked in with Coach Moore, President Witt and their wives everyone was chanting ‘Roll Tide!' and cheering.

"Coach Nick Saban looked at everyone and waved with a look on his face that said, ‘Lord, these people are everywhere!'

"When the candidates walked in, our crowd was cheering ‘Roll Tide!' When No. 22 waved on the intro, he was waving to all the Alabama fans there.

"After he went in and checked into the green room, Mark came back out and took pictures and signed autographs for everyone. Couldn't have been nicer. He was the only candidate who did that.

"According to one of our guys who was in the green room, after they got inside, Tim Tebow said to Mark, ‘Fans like that are why I almost went to Alabama.'

A couploe of us got to meet with Coach Saban, President Witt, and Coach Moore after the ceremony. They were all so happy. Amazing night for Alabama. Couldn't be prouder of Mark Ingram and The University.

"Such an amazing night in NYC!"

There was also a late report from Florida about one of the pivotal plays in the game. Florida had cut the Alabama lead to 12-10 in the second quarter and it could be that momentum was shifting to the Gators.

On first down from the Alabama 28, the Gators blitzed All-America cornerback Joe Haden.

"They put me on a corner blitz," Haden said of the defensive call. "I thought I had juked the running back. Actually, he was setting up for the screen, so looking back they had set up the perfect play. They had someone to block the safeties. Ingram took it down the sidelines."

That play covered 69 yards and was followed a down later by Ingram's touchdown run, one of three he had against Florida in Bama's 32-13 win.

Haden also said, "They came out, executed, and hit us in the mouth, and we couldn't stop the run. Everything they did we knew what they were doing – powers, leads. They were just running the ball hard and breaking tackles."

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