Saban Shares Credit For Success

There's nothing Mickey Mouse about the BCS National Championship Game, but when in Southern California it's hard to turn down a trip to Disneyland. ESPN Zone at Anaheim's Disney park was host to the two head coaches for the game and players from both teams who went through the park before mingling for a teams party Saturday.

As would be expected, most of what Alabama Coach Nick Saban had to say was old hat to those who follow Alabama regularly. That doesn't mean it wasn't on the mark; just that it was familiar fare -- focus, the process, etc.

Saban got his usual chuckles with his cracks about dealing with the media, hundreds of whose representatives have gathered in the Los Angeles area for Thursday's game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Alabama, ranked first in the nation, and second rated Texas, both 13-0, will kick off at 5 p.m. PST (7 p.m. central time) with national television coverage by ABC.

An interesting question noted that Saban has had his greatest two years of success in these past two seasons at Alabama. The question included, "You've talked a lot in the three years about all the things you have at your beck and call at Alabama to help you be a success. What's happened to you personally as a coach that you feel like you're achieving everything, you're being as successful as you've been?"

Saban shared the credit generously.?

He said, "I think it's not about me at all. I think it's about the fact that as a staff, as an organization, as a team, and our team includes everyone from the fans to our administration; our president, Dr. Witt; Mal Moore; all the people involved; our coaching staff and all the auxiliary people that we have in our organization that affect the players, strength and training people, medical staff, whomever. I mean, all those people have an impact on the development of the players that we have. And that program and all those people on that team make people want to come to be a part of the program, and that's called recruiting.

"So we've been able to develop the players that we had fairly well, and we've also been able to recruit fairly well, and the players themselves have embraced the new people in the program so that it meshed together as a pretty good team.

"I'm not sure that I did anything that contributed to that significantly, other than gaining more knowledge and experience in the process of what it takes to be successful through every experience, good and bad, that we've had through the years.

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