Offensive staff sports youth & experience

Three members of the offensive staff came with Mike Price from Washington State (Aaron Price, Bobby Connelly and Kasey Dunn). Eric Price came from the New York Jets, though he worked for his father earlier. And Sparky Woods coached last season at Mississippi State.

A former placekicker in college, Aaron Price will handle dual roles on the Tide staff, coaching quarterbacks and kickers (including both punters and placekickers).

A native of Texas, Bobby Connelly coached offensive linemen for Mike Price at Washington State. He'll handle that same responsibility for the Tide.

Sparky Woods (left) and Ben Pollard (right) react to a joke as Price talks to the team. Pollard will continue as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, while the veteran Woods will handle tight ends and also serve as Off-Campus Recruiting Coordinator.

Coming to Tuscaloosa after working two years with the New York Jets, Eric Price will coordinate the Tide offense while also coaching wide receivers. Eric Price worked some at quarterback in college, but he mainly played receiver.

A rising young star in college coaching, Kasey Dunn holds three titles on the Alabama staff: Running Backs Coach, Special Teams Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach.

The entire Tide offensive staff poses for a photo. Left to Right: Eric Price, Aaron Price, Kasey Dunn, Bobby Connelly, Sparky Woods and (Graduate Assistant) Paul Hogan.

Randy Ross, Alabama's new Director of Football Operations and On-Campus Recruiting Coordinator, observes the conditioning drills with Head Coach Mike Price.

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