Lots of lifting going on

With the exception of their apartments, during the winter months Bama's athletes spend more time in the weight room than anywhere else. <br><br>As Coach Ben Pollard is fond of saying, begin with a healthy young athlete, feed him well and put him in the weight room--and he can't help but make significant progress.

(Above left) Anthony Bryant is one of the more impressive physical specimens you're likely to see. Scouts believe that if he can lose 25 pounds or so, he has a chance to be a No. 1 draft choice to the NFL.

Starting free safety Charles Jones cleans the bar to chest level. The Waynesboro, Georgia native perfectly illustrates that most athletes need a couple of years to mature and adjust to college football. Weighing around 185 pounds, Jones will never be mistaken for Charles Atlas. But the senior has added almost 25 pounds of muscle from when he first arrived on campus four years ago. He frankly struggled as a sophomore, but last season Jones was one of the steadiest performers in the Tide secondary.

Shown working on his biceps, redshirt freshman Kyle Tatum is well aware that Alabama needs him to be ready to contribute next season. Standing 6-5 plus, Tatum has a long frame. But the Prattville native has been working hard to bulk up and add strength, so he can handle the rigors of D-Line play in the SEC.

Winter workouts are not all sweat and hard work. (Left to right) senior Donald Clarke, sophomore Greg McLain and redshirt freshman Chris Harris share a laugh.

With his best friend from high school watching carefully from behind, redshirt freshman cornerback Ramzee "Bino" Robinson prepares to make the lift. Darby (far right) and Robinson are both extremely anxious for spring to arrive, so they can show the new staff what they can do. Also shown in the background are Charles Jones, Tarry Givens, Coach Terry Jones, Zach Fletcher and Chris Harris.

Starting left tackle Wesley Britt may not be the biggest athlete on the squad, but he's close. With the possibility that either Justin Smiley or Evan Mathis could move to center, heading into spring drills Britt is probably the only offensive lineman that is certain of his position.

The weight room is always open to former players. Of course that's two-time All-SEC center Alonzo Ephraim on the right, pedaling hard to get into peak condition for the NFL workouts to come later this month. But Tide fans should also recognize the athlete to Ephraim's right. A devastating knee injury ended Marvin Constant's extremely promising career prematurely. Constant recently worked for the Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Department, but he told BamaMag.com Monday that he was back in school and set to graduate this spring. He also added that the doctors at HealthSouth have helped his damaged knee, significantly reducing the pain.

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