Rainy day practice photo report

Coach Mike Price is full of surprises, and he came up with another one Wednesday, eschewing the comforts of the Crisp Indoor Facility and choosing to keep the squad outside even after a hard rain set in. <br><br>"You want to expose them to tough things," he explained afterwards.

(Above left) Redshirt freshman cornerback Ben Rose (#22) positions himself to make the tackle.

Coach Buddy Wyatt talks to Anthony Bryant (#97) at Wednesday's practice. This year the Tide defensive linemen will be divided between two coaches, with Wyatt handling tackles and Paul Randolph responsible for the D-Ends.

Having joined the Tide team this January after giving up a minor league baseball career, Michael Machen (#17) is learning the college football game from the ground up. An excellent baseball pitcher, Machen has the height (6-6) and arm to develop into a quality quarterback. (That's Brodie Croyle in the right background)

With Lane Bearden's eligibility exhausted, the Tide coaches are faced with the task of finding and developing a punter. Coach Aaron Price (right), and punters Jeremy Schatz (far left), Jeremy Reeves (#47) and Josh Woodard (behind Price) admire a kick.

Every practice session this spring includes extensive work on fundamentals. Here Secondary Coach Chris Ball supervises a tackling drill.

Most of Wednesday's workout was conducted in a driving rain. Here the defensive linemen, supervised by Coach Joe Kines, work on taking the proper position before making the tackle.

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