Alabama, Georgia State Move Date

It has been pointed out by many, including Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive, that Alabama football is the victim of scheduling inequity with so many teams having open dates prior to playing the Crimson Tide. Although the SEC had expressed an interest in remedying at least part of that inequity this season, nothing was done at the SEC level. Bama has taken steps for some alleviation.

Alabama has dominated teams in the SEC for many decades, including winning its 22nd conference championship last year. (The next closest in league titles is Tennessee with 13.) It could be expected that Alabama would get little or no sympathy from the conference brethren, even when it was pointed out that six of the either SEC opponents this year have open dates before playing Alabama.

Slive said that every SEC athletics director agreed that it was poor policy to have such a schedule inequity. Yet when teams had an opportunity to make schedule changes to alleviate the problem, they declined.

Alabama has taken it upon itself to get a small amount of relief, even though it will come at an inconvenience to Alabama fans and to The University.

Alabama and Georgia State University have mutually agreed to move the date of their 2010 football game to Thursday, November 18, it was announced Thursday.

The contest was changed from its original date of Saturday, November 20. Kickoff time for the game at Bryant-Denny Stadium has not been determined.

"We have a number of scheduling challenges this year in football and this was the best way for us to deal with one of those," said Athletics Director Mal Moore. "We explored all options available to us, with our players' health and safety in mind. This was our best remedy. We deeply appreciate everyone's cooperation, particularly Dr. Witt (University President Dr. Robert Witt) and Georgia State."

Alabama plays Auburn the week following the Georgia State game. The Auburn game has been set for Friday. While Auburn has an open date prior to playing Alabama on November 26, Bama would have had a short week of preparation for the game. Moving the game back two days will give Alabama the opportunity for a normal week of preparation prior to the Auburn game.

The big problem for the Georgia State game is that the normal logistical nightmares of traffic and parking will be exacerbated by students being in a regular school week, meaning student congestion on and around campus.

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