SABAN: Squad Still Developing Identity

Like the Crimson Tide did on the field, Nick Saban covered a lot of ground in his post-game press conference Saturday night, but so many players saw action it was hard to get into any specifics.

"To get specific right now is hard for me," Alabama head coach Nick Saban said. "A lot of guys got to play and a lot of guys did good things."

"I think the real emphasis with our team is developing an identity for this team for 2010, and to focus on things we need do to create that."

Saban confirmed that defensive end Brandon Moore was suspended for the game due to secondary NCAA violations which occurred last year. Saban said he thought that information was already public.

One of the biggest dilemmas Saban had in the 48-3 blowout was which freshmen to play and which to hold out. Saban said there were more freshman who might have played tonight, and might play later in the year, than actually got on the field.

"One toughest decisions you have to make is that if you play a guy in this game he's going to lose a year so," he said, "if we're not going to make it worthwhile to his experience this year then we're not going to play him."

Saban said freshman quarterback Phillip Simms was one of those who might end up playing and has been impressive in practice.

"Phillip was ready to play," Saban said. "I'd love to play him and I guess if we had the rule that you had five years to play he would have. I don't have crystal ball and don't know what's going to happen so I'm telling you all this in advance so you can criticize me if you want." Saban said defensive end Courtney Upshaw had sprained ankle and probably could have returned to the game. He said Upshaw might miss a day or two. As for other injuries, Saban said some had bumps and bruises but nothing that would cause them to miss any time.

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