Thursday's post-practice quotes

ASU head coach Dennis Erickson was pleased with Thursday's practice which did follow a somewhat sluggish session the day before.

"I thought we practiced very well, very crisp," Erickson said of Thursday's session. "It's a mental day and we didn't make many mental mistakes on either side. We have to be focused every week because we have a lot of things to prove."

Aside from the obvious which is winning, Erickson stated that he would to see his team continue and improve against NAU. Specifically, moving the football on offense and making big plays, while dominating on defense.

"We didn't do that last week," Erickson said in regards to the lack of domination of his defense. "This is a good football team we are playing in Northern Arizona. They have a chip on their shoulder and that's how it should be, I've been on the other side of these games before. They have darn good athletes and play a lot of guys from this area and they will come here and play their rear ends off and we have to be ready to play."


Linebacker Brandon Magee acknowledged that the ASU defense was very upset with its performance in the win over Portland State where they surrendered 9 points and a total of 256 offensive yards.

"We feel we should dominate everybody we play." Magee said. "First game we had some blown calls, blown coverages, a lot of people weren't in the right spot…it goes on everybody we will learn from that."

The junior added that the number of errors against Portland State was probably in the double digits, but that was the case in the team's 2009 season opener as well. However, that number generally did go down each game thereafter during that season.

"We look at it and we learn from it," Magee remarked. "So it is kind of good that it happened early. First game everybody has to get the bugs out and we will be locked and ready this time. We feel we should dominate everybody we play. We aim for perfection and will settle for the best."

Magee added that he expects NAU to employ a version of the spread offense and that the Lumberjacks will be a tougher opponent than the Vikings were last Saturday.


Quarterback Steven Threet noted that this week's practices were mainly aimed at shoring up some aspects on offense which needed to be addressed after last week's game. Additionally, the junior claimed there is no looking ahead to much the anticipated matchup against Wisconsin next week.

"(Thursday) was a good mental practice," Threet said, "making sure everybody knows their assignments on the plays. We're looking for improvement. There has to be a big jump from game 1 to game 2. We have to fix the mistakes we had in the previous game and just look to get better and win the game obviously.

"We have to focus on NAU. They are a good ball team and they always play us tough. They are going to come in and give us every shot they have. We have to be ready and I think we did a great job this week of really focusing on the team we have this weekend."

The five dropped passes by the wide receivers may have been the biggest blemish on this side of the ball last week and Threet has been pleased with how that group did this week in practice concerning this aspect.

"They did a great job and that was one of their keys for improvement," Threet remarked. "Each position had their things to focus on and the wideouts did a great job this week."

Threet added that he was excited to have wide receiver Gerell Robinson return to the lineup.

"GBrob is a great receiver," Threet said. "We are happy that he's getting better and that he has chance to get back on the field for us."


Cornerback Osahon Irabor has been able to stand out among a deep group of Sun Devil corners and has been able to cement his second team position on the depth chart. Erickson has been pleased with the redshirt freshman's performance.

"He's playing well and is one of our better pass rushers," Erickson commented. "We have him in our nickel scheme. He has a lot of things to learn like any freshman but he has some god given talent and he can run. As I said he's a very good pass rusher and we will take advantage of that."


In terms of injuries, according to Erickson as it stands right now Toa Tuitea (elbow) and Trevor Kohl (hamstring) aren't expected to play.

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