Offense bounces back on Wednesday

During Tuesday's practice session, the Sun Devil offense had trouble moving the ball. While it seemed to many an ominous sign, the offense was able to regroup and put together a more complete practice on Wednesday.

Perhaps the most memorable occurrence during Wednesday's practice was the overtly loud crowd noise being pumped in through the speakers during team drills. The Verde Dickey Dome sounded a bit more like the Super Dome than the Sun Devils' indoor practice facility.

"It was good," observed Erickson. "We turned up the volume a little bit to try to get used to what we're going to see on Saturday. It was a little louder than I anticipated but it was good for us."

When asked about why he decided to use the noise, Erickson jokingly responded, "Sorry, I can't hear you."

It goes without saying that Camp Randall stadium to be rocking before kickoff. The Badgers will boast a sold out crowd of 80,000 and it's a stadium that has a reputation for being raucous and often destructive for the opposition.

"(Crowd noise) is something we're going to have to deal with," Erickson noted, "particularly on offense when you have to signal things in and communicate on the line of scrimmage. Obviously we haven't faced that yet so that's why we did it today. We'll do it again tomorrow out here in team because a lot of times verbally you're not going to be able to communicate so you have to use hand signals. One good thing about what we do is that we're at the line of scrimmage so we have time to communicate and signal to everybody."

Wednesday marked the last time the maroon and gold would practice indoors before making the trip up to Wisconsin.

"Tomorrow we're going to practice in the morning and fly out in the afternoon," Erickson said. "We got one more left and we made some mistakes the last couple days. We added a thing or two offensively. Nothing big, but (practice) was good, a lot of enthusiasm."

Whether the artificial crowd noise was pumping everyone up or there was just some excess exuberance for a big time game, the players were definitely going full tilt today.

"I think we had great intensity going into the first game." Erickson stated. "I think last week we cooled off a little bit. That's kind of how the game is. Many years as I've been in it it's hard to stay at a level like that. But this week has been our best week of practice."

Erickson got a pleasant surprise today when sophomore defensive tackle Corey Adams returned to practice. Adams underwent a meniscus surgery late in fall camp and hasn't been able to play in either of the first two games of the season. His return would be especially helpful coming against a team that will be running the ball plenty.

"He did some stuff in team," Erickson said. "He's going to go on the trip but I'm not sure how much he'll play. To be honest with you we won't know until we get there. We have a couple days left and even if he can we have a couple guys in there. He might play some snaps."

Adams' potential return might not mean much for Arizona State if they aren't able to clean up their play and execute properly. Against inferior competition, the Sun Devils were guilty of dropping far too many balls and committing a glut of penalties. Coach Erickson knows if that happens again Saturday, the outcome won't be in their favor.

"If we make as many mistakes as we did against NAU then we won't be very happy when we get down," Erickson acknowledged. "The biggest thing is we just have to play hard and execute the way we're capable of executing, play solid against the run and we have to catch it a bit better than we did last week."

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