Post-game quotes

Coach Erickson, Steven Threet and Deantre Lewis talk about the 20-19 loss to Wisconsin.

Head coach Dennis Erickson

On the missed opportunities in the game

"There's no question that offensively we missed some opportunities to score touchdowns and we ended up with field goals. We get down into the end zone and don't get in there whatever the reason may be. There were some times on 3rd down where we had chances to get out of a drive on defense. They (Wisconsin) ran the football extremely well. We played them pretty well at times. As the game worn on, which is their philosophy, they started running the ball particularly in the third and fourth quarter.

"I thought we had the momentum going and we had a PAT blocked which is normally unheard of in college football. We had a chance to (bounce) back and we didn't."

On what happened on the blocked field goal

"It's hard to tell. Obviously someone penetrated through and we didn't even have anybody close. The sad thing is that special teams wise we had a darn good football game. We improved so much there and we have some skilled guys there. One step away just before the half (referencing the Kyle Middlebrooks run)…I don't know if I ever seen that happen in my career. But the bottom line is that they came in through somewhere and I can't really (tell) until I look at the tape."

On what he told the players after the game

"I told them I was proud of them. I told them exactly what I told you and that's that we blew a lot of opportunities offensively to score touchdowns. On the other hand, I also told them that defensively on third down we didn't get out of drives, and get the football back for the offense. I tell them what I tell you. I don't have any secrets."

On whether he was surprised how little John Clay played in the first half

"I saw enough of him in the second half. To be honest with you I didn't pay attention to who carried the ball. I was worried tackling whoever was back there."

On how he feels about his team and how they measured up to such a good opponent

"I feel like it's a loss. I felt and my team felt that we were going to come in here and win this game. We're not going to come into a game like this and say ‘wow.' We have to come into games like this and beat teams like this to get us where we want to be with the football program. That's why I came to Arizona State. We came in and competed and we fell short. We have to win these games. Again, I was proud of them – we were down 20-13 and we came back and drove it down and got back into the game. I guess we will be measured more next week against Oregon and the Pac-10 opener.

"Wisconsin has a good team. They have a belief in what they do. They have good coaching, they ran the football, their quarterback made some good plays throwing the ball when he had to. When you run it like that, play action pass is a son of a gun to play and I give them credit."

On whether he was disappointed in the team's pass coverage with Wisconsin's two top wide receivers out?

"Where they hurt us more was with the tight end and it really wasn't the corners (that covered him). They got us on play action pass a few times in key situations to the tight end which really has nothing to do with the receivers. Kendricks is a big time tight end."

On how he parallels this game to the Georgia road game last year

"I feel like we are almost there. There is a feeling in our football team and I told them too that for the first time in a couple of years our team felt like we were going to come in there and win. They had confidence in themselves. They believed in each other. Obviously we have nine games, hopefully ten games left and we just have to get better. There are a lot of things that you have to learn on tape from that game that will make us better compared to the first two football games.

On the play of Steven Threet

"I thought Steven played very well. Very proud of Steven. This wasn't easy for him coming back here with family and all these people that said he couldn't play at Michigan. It was a tremendous challenge for him and I thought he executed extremely well. He has tremendous command of the game. Steven is really just getting better and better and will really make a big difference for us. For what we did offensively he played pretty darn well."

Steven Threet

On the balanced offense in the game

"We ran the ball a lot better than we did in the previous game. We were moving the ball up and down the field. When we did get into the red zone we just weren't able to capitalize on touchdowns."

On how hard was it for him emotionally coming into this game

"I was just really excited about the game, about the opportunity to play such a good team. I thought from the get go we played well. We moved the ball and we just have to finish when we get down there."

On his feelings when he saw that missed PAT

"To be honest I was on my way down to the defense, talking to them about getting us the ball back and have an opportunity to win the game. I didn't see (the PAT) until I heard the crowd noise. It's tough but it's part of the game. Special teams was big for us today."

On whether there is a sliver lining to this game

"I don't really believe in moral victories. We came and played well. We did good offensively and defensively. It just wasn't enough. So we have to find a way to make it happen in Pac-10 play."

On whether he truly felt the team could have won this game

"Definitely. There is no doubt in my mind. They are obviously ranked, but we thought this is our game. One play here or there and the score could have been a lot different."

Deantre Lewis

On the play that he tripped

"I got caught up in T.J's feet as I tried to maneuver around him. "

On whether he thought he would score on that play if he got into the clear?

"Absolutely. I thought I was gonna score but it just didn't go my way."

On whether he truly felt the team could have won this game

"I thought our offense was ready to go. We just didn't capitalize once we got into the red zone. That's what we have to work on. That's something we'll do for next week."

On what was the difference in the way the team played this week from last

"Basically we just worked hard at practice. Practice is the key for our game time. You play how you practice. That's how we practiced and it showed in the game."

Thanks to Andrew Gruman on his assistance to this article

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