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ASU head coach Dennis Erickson and his player discuss the 31-28 road loss to Oregon State.

Dennis Erickson on the team's pass defense versus Oregon State

"We had some breakdowns, but they did some different things as far as depth in their routes and caused some problems in the first half. They had a very good plan coming in."

on the injuries for his team today

"(Deveron Carr) shoulder came out again. (Aaron) Pflugrad couldn't play most of the second half because he had a turf toe. Deantre Lewis hurt his hand so I don't know what his status is."

on making whether more personnel changes are needed on defense

"I think you're right. We have to look at the tape and see where we are at. They had a lot of success against us. I knew they were a good offensive team but they kind of surprised me how well they threw the ball on us."

on the play of Jacquizz Rodgers

"He's a great player. It's scary – it seems like he has been here 25 years. Makes me feel like I have been here 25 years. He's so hard to tackle and he's so strong. The (74-yard touchdown) run he made there at the end of the game when we came back was an unbelievable run. You have to give him credit."

on the offensive line's struggles in pass protection

"I think a lot of that was down and distance. (Stephen) Paea is a good player and we had trouble handling him. He put a lot of pressure in the middle of the pocket because they played their (defensive) end so wide and he had a step up and created some problems for us."

on how concern he is after another tough loss on the road and two straight road games to come

"I'm real concerned. I'm real concerned that we come back (home) and the thing doesn't get any easier when we go to Washington and go to Cal. Our schedule is very difficult. Right now your head is down and you're disappointed but you have to go back to work tomorrow, see what we did, and there's nothing else you can do – you have to get ready to play Washington. A lot of games are left and our guys are resilient. We have to see what we are doing and we have to play better."

on whether Steven Threet is trying too hard to make plays

"I think that happens particularly at the end of a game. When he made that throw in the end zone – it was something that just wasn't there. The coverage dictated that he go somewhere else. Sometimes when you are in that situation you try to make a play."

Steven Threet

on his thoughts following this game

"Disappointed. We feel like we are a better team than we have shown the last three weeks. Better than our record shows. Mistakes offensively are what is holding us back. The potential is there. But we get into the red zone, turn the ball over, and put our defense in a bad position. We just have to eliminate (turnovers)."

on the 1st and goal on the 3-yard line that resulted in a field goal

"They did a great job of stopping us. We didn't capitalize on the opportunity."

on what Oregon State was doing to slow the offense down

"I think they did a good job game planning against us. They played and didn't make a lot of mistakes in the secondary and they capitalized on the opportunities they did get."

on whether Oregon State surprised him defensively

"Maybe a little bit. They were coming off the ball hard and really came at us. We are used to being an attacking offense."

on the blocked punt rejuvenating the offense

"It definitely gave us a great opportunity. We got the ball back with a two-minute drill chance but we were unable to take advantage of it."

Gerell Robinson

on his thoughts following this game

"To have so much self-expectations for ourselves and getting right there but falling short of the finish line – it's hard. As far as the team, we have to make sure that we stick together and keep on fighting through it.

"The things we need to fix – it's internal. We're not worried about anyone else, we need to fix what we need to fix. We'll find the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully next week we'll turn this thing around."

on his touchdown catch

"He (Threet) made a good read. He saw that they were in a cover-three and we worked on that in practice. He threw it and I just went ahead and caught it."

Cameron Marshall

on whether he's worried about how the team will respond after this loss

"Not concerned at all. We have all the talent in the world and we just have to figure out how to finish teams and put them away."

on how does the team go about fixing the errors

"I think everything always starts in practice and we work our way to the game. Staying focus…we really need to evaluate our team and figure out what we want to do for the rest of the season. Do we want to go head and win or do we just want to be like the past couple of years and have talent and lose?"

on whether he thinks attention to detail is an issue

"I do. Our players come out focused and we practice hard all week but we have to figure out what those little things are and eliminate them."

Thanks to Andrew Gruman for his assistance on this article

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