Threet anxious to right the offense

The Sun Devils have now come up short three consecutive weeks, a result of a variety of mistakes the maroon and gold cannot manage to fix. The reoccurring themes of the 2010 season, penalties, second-half turnovers and the inability to execute in the red zone aren't only frustrating fans but also players.

Sun Devils quarterback, Steven Threet, was 14-29 for 203 yards against the Oregon State Beavers but also struggled throughout the matchup with three interceptions and one fumble. The junior said that the team is anxious to get back on the field so they can correct their mistakes and start posting wins again.

"I know there are a lot of guys that want the opportunity to play," Threet said, "And if they are given that they are going to be out there giving everything they have to try to help the team win."

To date, the Sun Devils have made it into the red zone a respectable 26 times, yet only 12 of those trips have resulted in a touchdown.

"You know the old saying, "play quick but don't hurry?" Threet commented. "We have to find something. There has to be an answer and we have to fix the problem and that possibly is it."

Turnovers have doomed the Sun Devils throughout the season leaving Arizona State 110th in the nation in turnovers with a total of 13. Threet has thrown 10 interceptions in just five games, seven of which occurred in the last two weeks.

"It's poor decisions, obviously," Threet admitted. "If it would have worked out the other way then maybe it's not the best decision but it would have ended up in a touchdown. The way it happened, we just can't make those mistakes. We have to do a better job of exciting the offense and getting points in the red zone and out in the field, we can't put the defense in bad situations.

"I don't think its certain plays, we just have to execute every play that is sent in and concentrate on the responsibilities that each of us have on that given play and just execute it."

Although the Sun Devils were in a position to tie or possibly win Saturday's game, with little over two minutes left on the clock, Threet threw into heavy coverage, resulting in a Beavers interception. The third and final interception of the matchup sealed up ASU's fate.

"I was just trying to do whatever I can to make a play happen," Threet said. "It's difficult in that situation to have us backed up and we have a lot of field to cover quickly with not much time left on the clock. So you just do the best you can and try to make a play in that situation and it didn't turn out the way we wanted to."

The Beavers were able to penetrate the Sun Devil offensive line often on Saturday, allowing them to take down Threet six times during the matchup. OSU capitalized on their defensive success, limiting the signal caller and creating pressure for his offensive line.

"I think its just part of the nature of the offense," Threet commented. "Trying to get the ball out quick to the receivers in open space. We switched up some of the plays we were calling, didn't run as many deeper routes. I think they did a great job of trying to get pressure and trying to get sacks."

The Sun Devils have to travel to Washington this weekend for their second of three consecutive road games. The maroon and gold offense will take on another formidable defense in the Huskies who are 1-0 in the Pac-10 coming off a 32-31 road win against then no.18 USC after a last second field goal.

"They are athletic, they're well coached, and they're a good team," Threet said. "They've played some good offenses this year and they've done a good job."

Huskies quarterback Jake Locker passed for 310 yards and rushed for 110 against the Trojans leading them to victory.

"To be honest, I haven't had a lot of time to watch him this year," Threet admitted. "I know last year he did a great job making plays and getting outside of the pocket and making things happen when the play breaks down. As far as this season, I haven't had a chance to watch any of it."

The Sun Devil offense has been struggling to find the key to maximizing their full potential on the field. Although the unit has shown signs that they are ready to turn the corner, game day has been telling a different tale.

"I think there are obviously good things that we see in the game," Threet commented. "We've been able to move the ball, we took our first drive right down and scored a touchdown so there's obviously good things. We have to capitalize on the opportunities we get. Every chance we have the ball we have to do more with it and score more points, that's the bottom line."

With three losses in a row and two away games coming up, the pressure is mounting for the maroon and gold to take control of their season and get it moving in a positive direction.

"If it's bad performances or however you want to categorize the last couple games, we just haven't gotten it done and that's something that has to change," Threet said. "We have too much talent, too many good players and too good of a scheme for it to continue.

"It's five games in so it gets to the point where it comes down to the players executing," Threet stated. "We have to take responsibility and ownership of that and get the job done."

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