Thursday's post-practice quotes

ASU head coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media after the Thursday's practice as the Sun Devils wrap up preparations for their upcoming contest against Washington.

On the loose mood in practice today

"I like the mood but the bottom line is that we have to win a game. We can talk about everything that has happened, everything that has transpired the last month and the bottom line is that we have to win a football game. So our guys are loose and are ready to go out there and compete. We'll see what happens. We are facing an awfully good football team on the road. We have to go up there and play well."

On how defensive end Junior Onyeali looked in practice this week taking first team reps

"Good. He practiced with a lot of energy. This is a good group of guys. We are young but this is a good group of guys that want to get it done and know that they can get it done. Now we got to get it done . That's the next step for us."

On the rainy conditions that the game will be played in

"It rains every day. All is does is rain up there, it's matter of whether it's showers or rain. Of course it's going to rain – I knew that in August. They (Washington) have to play in that too and it's like the heat – I don't know if you ever get used to it. But we are capable of executing what we need to in the rain. We just have to catch it and throw it."

On the performance this week in practice of linebacker Gerald Munns who took first team reps

"He has a good week. He's a leader and he has always been good here. I'm excited about seeing him play. He'll play well."

On the special teams play of senior walk-on LB Mike Callaghan

"The guy is the leader of our special teams. He is a guy that plays football because he loves the game, he's not on scholarship. To me he epitomizes what football should be about and it is to a lot of people and it isn't to some people. He's someone that I think is special."

On the red zone progress he has seen this week in practice

"We practiced it a lot. I don't know if we have been on the midfield the whole week. We have been in the red zone more than you could have possibly imagine. Now, doing it here and doing on game day is another thing. If we can we can slow down turnovers and not give up the big play we have chance to win. But if we turn it over and give up the big play it's going to be the same story."

On Deantre Lewis coming back from his injury this week in practice

"He's practiced fully today. He has been in and out because of his shoulder but he'll be fine."

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