Erickson, players discuss ASU win over UW

Coach Dennis Erickson and his players comment on ASU's 24-14 road win at Washington.

Dennis Erickson

on whether it feels good to get a win

"Without a question. It's been a hard three weeks for us losing those close games. Our guys never doubted what they were doing and we still have half a season left. To come up here and win this football game against a good team…I just like how we preformed offensively in the rain. We threw it, caught it, and did all the things we needed to. Maybe it's Steven Threet's upbringing in Michigan. Defensively we were able to make plays in the end. We had some opportunities with the missed field goals to really put it away with some time left in the fourth quarter. But we had to make it interesting."

on halting any momentum Washington was starting to gain throughout the game

"There was a lot of resiliency and defensively we played well. I thought offensively we moved the ball up and down the field. I thought Steven had a tremendous game. We had one turnover and four penalties and you got to do that to win. You do that you do win. That's a pretty good example of that."

on Mike Willie's touchdown late in the second quarter

"We planned that. He's 6-4 and we just threw it up and hoped he could make a play and he was able to do that."

on holding Washington QB Jake Locker to only 6 yards rushing

"We didn't do a lot of things different. I thought our front four got a lot of pressure, more so than in the past. Junior Onyeali really played well. He made Jake step up and was able to control what he was doing. A guy like (Locker) is going to make plays and I didn't know we held him to six yards. That's a pretty good job defensively."

on how much relief it is to end the three-game losing streak

"It's certainly a relief. I didn't want to go home with an extension on that. I think we are a good football team but we have a lot of work to do. Just to get that win is huge for us right now. It was a big win for us."

Steven Threet

on the snap that flew by him and he was able to recover

"(the snap) was off to my right a little bit and I wasn't able to pull it in. I was able to make the catch for the offense and we had to battle back from it."

on the play of Mike Willie

"He did a great job. It was tough for the receivers because I was firing the ball in there a little bit and it was wet. But they did a great job making some plays on the ball and keeping the defense away from it."

on whether he said anything to the receivers about their first half drops

"Not at all. I know it was tough and some of the passes weren't the best or were wobbly and I know how hard it is to grip it. So I can't even imagine how hard it was to catch in this weather."

on whether Willie is a go-to receiver on 3rd down

"He did a great job in finding windows and getting open for us and he caught the ball well. He got some yards after the catch on third down which was big."

on getting a first win against an FBS opponent after nine straight losses

"I didn't even know that. To be honest I was just focused on going 1-0 this week."

on whether he thought this was a bowl elimination game and thus a sense of urgency

"I think our sense of urgency was that we are great competitors and hate losing. We lost three tough games in a row and we just wanted to bounce back from it. We weren't thinking post-season or anything like that. Just focused on Washington and going 1-0 this week."

on how they can build on this win

"It's a great opportunity for us. We go into our bye week and get some practice and continue to improve and just focus on Cal."

on how he dealt with the three-man front the UW defense showed at times

"That was a good game plan for them. They tried to slow us down a little bit and they did a great job in the second half. We had just 3 points in the second half. But our defense stepped up and played big for us and hats off to Washington for making some adjustments. They really stone walled us a little bit in the second half."

on his interception

"It was a bad pass. I threw it high. Gerell (Robinson) was wide open and I just have to complete that ball so we are not in that situation."

Max Tabach

On the win

"It feels great. I've been here for three years and I haven't been to a bowl yet, and this is the best win I've had personally, so it feels great."

On defending Jake Locker

"We wanted to take away his legs, obviously. He can run with the best of them. We felt that if we can keep him in the pocket and our safeties and corners do our job in the secondary, our front seven will do the job in rushing him. We just had to stay assignment sound and for the most part we did that today. They love to move (Locker) because they obviously want to use his legs. We knew that and we just had to stay assignment sound and make tackles when we had to make them. What he does the most is roll out of the pocket when he's not called and he gets some big plays and we stopped that for the most part. We do have a fast defense and I'm sure that he didn't have as much room as he did in the past."

On the play of the defense

"Our front seven is, we think, one of the best in the nation. What we've done the last couple of games is open up some running lanes for them in the secondary. Today, we held it down in the vertical game, and that forces them to play the run. They did great."

on whether the defense anticipated the fake field goal

"We kind of knew that they would do something like that. Coach Cozzetto used to coach here a couple of years ago. We were ready for it."

on the play of Vontaze Burfict

"He showed some composure, some real leadership…Gerald Munns is one of the best backup linebackers in the nation and Vontaze knows that. He (Burfict) came in and was extremely positive, had no reaction to Washington trying to bait him and getting personal fouls. I'm real impressed with him."

on the team cutting down on their penalties in the game

"Coach Erickson is always telling us that. The way we feel about this team is that these three losses that we had – we have been losing. They (the opponents) haven't been winning. Whether it's penalties, missed assignments…we have the talent to beat anyone in the nation. We just have to go out and do it and we just did it today."

WR Mike Willie

On the game

"We've been working hard for this win. I'm just happy to get a win. We finally came through with what we were capable of doing, so we finally worked hard and came through with a win."

On his TD catch at the end of the first half and how it changed the momentum

"I knew I had to make a play before halftime and he (Threet) threw it up and I had to catch the ball. Steven Threet threw a great ball for me so I had to catch it. Nothing else."

On catching the ball in the rain

"It was a little hard. It was my first Pac-10 game in the rain, so you know, it was difficult but I had to come through no excuses."

on being targeted on many 3rd down plays

"Threet was confident in me and when he threw it I had to catch it and do my job. Catch the ball – that's all I am supposed to do. Catch the ball and score."

on the offensive set the team runs

"We spread it and move around a lot and that's hard for the defense to keep up with us. But Washington did a good job and they are speedy too and they hung in there with us. But we were up on top this time. We had to finish and we did what we had to do."

on his transition from junior college to the Pac-10

"I'm glad that I finally got out of the JUCO scene. I'm loving it out here. I'm at my home: A-State. It feeling real good."

on how he builds on this win going into the bye and then playing at Cal

"We have to have that one-game mentality. We're going to have fun tonight and have fun on the airplane but after we get home we have to toss it out and see whoever we got next."

Thanks to Andrew Gruman who assisted in this article

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