Tuesday's post-practice quotes

After three straight tough losses, the Sun Devils were much in need of a win going into the bye week and got it in a tough, rainy game in Seattle prevailing 24-14. Head coach Dennis Erickson and Steven Threet quarterback talked about that contest and the upcoming bye week.

Dennis Erickson Q: What are you looking for out of the bye week?

Erickson: "Well, a couple things: number one we just want to keep improving and build on the success that we had last week. We'll go pretty hard today and tomorrow with our first and second group and we're adding a little bit here and there. We're moving some people around.

"We moved (Dan) Knapp to right tackle from left to see how he plays there this week, trying to find out the best thing we can do. We're giving the 3's, some of the red-shirts and young guys some turns, and like I said on Thursday we'll scrimmage. It's a combination of getting better more than anything. Halfway through the season we'd like to get better and better all the time."

Q: Is the plan to leave Kyle Middlebrooks at tailback after last game?

Erickson: "It's kind of hard not to leave him there. We have some pretty good options there with the things we can do back there, so that's probably what we'll end up doing."

Q: Did you sleep better after a win?

Erickson: "No, but I felt a lot better when I didn't sleep. I don't sleep, but I felt a lot better when I was up; my eyes were a lot brighter."

Q: How did defensive end Junior Onyeali play in your eyes?

Erickson: "Played great. He made some mistakes, but he's so active and he plays so hard and their tackles had trouble blocking him because he's different: you're talking about a pure speed rusher that gets up the field and is just tenacious so I thought for his first start he played pretty darn well."

Q: What is the status of Clint Floyd?

Erickson: "Clint had to go to the dentist and get some stuff done there so he went today and missed practice. Cameron Marshall was sick, he had the flu so he missed practice also."

Q: What's the plan for offensive guard Jon Hargis?

Erickson: "Jon got some snaps today, so we're thinking maybe he can play against Washington State, for sure the week after that. We have to just see how he's going. We don't want to get him out there and reinjure the thing. How he's come along is almost unbelievable, it'll be six months here in not very long and that's pretty remarkable for an ACL."

Q: How would you assess the Washington game?

Erickson: "It's hard to tell until you look at the tape, but we played well in a difficult situation. I thought offensively we moved the football and caught it pretty darn well and I thought Steven (Threet) had an unbelievable game for the situation he was in. We ran the football real well, and defensively we made plays when we had to make plays and we had a couple chances to put the game out of hand and we were a lot better in the red-zone, but if we can put a game away we need to put it away.

"We're trying to eat the clock up and do some different things and we missed a field goal. I thought our special teams gave up one kickoff but other than that I thought we played pretty well. Defensively we stepped up and ran to the football and did the things we've been doing and we didn't make any mental mistakes. What we did was what we've been talking about. We had one turnover and four penalties and don't give up the big play, what a concept huh? That's kind of how you win games."

Steven Threet

Q: How does it feel getting the win?

Threet: "It definitely feels good. Coming into the bye week, that was our goal was to get a win in Washington, and have the opportunity to practice hard this week and continue to improve."

Q: What do you look for out of the bye week?

Threet: "For me mechanically to make some improvements and sound up, but it's a chance to really work on yourself instead of the opponent so much."

Q: How would you assess the offenses' performance?

Threet: "We did some good things. We played pretty well, but there were still some opportunities that we're missing and still chances to get better so that's what we're looking for.

"I think we played really hard. I think it was a very business mentality, we came out after the first snap and really got after them. Finally being able to put it together, cutting down on the mistakes, and the team really played together well as a whole unit, so I think that was good for us."

Q: How did WR Gerell Robinson play in your eyes?

Threet: "He did a good job, on the third down and obviously that first touchdown was a good adjustment to the ball in the air."

Q: Is he playing better now that he's getting more reps?

Threet: "Anytime the receivers and the backs and skill guys can get the ball more often in the games it just helps them become more comfortable."

Q: Do you tone it down a little during the bye?

Threet: "We're still coming out practicing hard obviously and looking to improve every practice, but it is a good chance to ease up a little bit and not take as many hits during the week and definitely get a weekend off will be big."

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