Q&A with Carrick Felix

Some basketball fans may remember Carrick Felix the former Goodyear Millennium high school star who in 2008 was integral in the Tigers' 4A championship run. After two years at Southern Idaho College the JC transfer is back in the valley and ready to write a new basketball chapter in his back yard playing for the maroon and gold. Devils Digest sat down with Felix during the team's media day.

Q: Now that all the off-season conditioning work is done and the individual practices have culminated as well how are you feeling going into the team's pre-season practices?

"I'm excited. I'm excited to finally have the chance to play with everybody and get better."

What were you able to improve on both in the weight and conditioning work as well as your basketball skills?

"I actually improved all aspects of my game. I feel like I got stronger. I feel like I'm more conditioned. I feel like my handle and my jump shot is actually better. I'm still 6'6" and 196 and trying to be the strongest on the team."

Some observers feel that you really shined in the team's pick up games in the summer. How did you feel about your performance?

"Those are just pickup games. You really don't know until the season comes around. I guess you can say I played ok. But every time I step on the court I always play hard. I feel good about it."

With seven newcomers on the team, you being one of them, some are concerned how quickly you can come together and have that very important chemistry. Granted you haven't even had a formal practice with the whole team, let alone played a game together, but how do you feel this team is doing in terms of chemistry?

"We have excellent chemistry already. The first day all the new guys came in we all clicked right off the bat. I'm surprised to say, I never felt like, I actually had a family until now. I actually consider ASU to be my second family."

"We always go out together or play video games together and sit and talk. We go to the movies or go paint balling. Just different activities"

What are the biggest factors you had to get used to coming from the JC ranks to a Pac-10 team?

"Time management. Taking 15 credits and managing my time with classes and basketball."

Some skeptics question how fast tempo this team will be this year. What are your thoughts on this?

"We're going to be running the floor, up and down. I think we're going to surprise a lot of people. I think they're going to be shocked when they see us."

Does this team expect to be good right out of the gates or do you think that this team may have some growing pains because of all the new faces?

"Seven new guys is a lot, but I feel if we just keep working hard in practice every day it's going to show on the court when we step out there as a group. We're all together now. We're all meshing as a team. All I can say is that we're going to get better as a team."

Playing back in the valley, does that ease your transition and maybe set you up for a good first year at ASU?

"It actually makes me feel more comfortable to be home and playing in front of my family and friends. I'm actually very excited for this year. I feel like it's going to be a good year for my team, my teammates, and me as well. I'm just ready to get going. I've been waiting for this day for a long time."

Your length and superior athleticism has been discussed amongst ASU basketball fans this summer. How do you feel they'll help you contribute defensively at the wing position, considering defense has been the cornerstone of Herb's teams in the desert so far?

"Defensive wise, I feel like it's going to give me a chance to use my length. Get in there and get a couple of tips. Having my teammates there to have my back will help as well."

In your opinion, what one thing will this year's team have to do in order to take that next step towards becoming PAC 10 champions and making a return visit to the NCAA tournament?

"Just focus on getting better each day."

What do you really want people to know about you? The team?

"I want them to know each and every player on this team is a hard worker and we're all good kids and good minded."

"One thing I want you to know about me is that I'm a loving person."

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