Thursday's post-practice quotes

ASU head coach Dennis Erickson and quarterback Steven Threet discuss the preparations for the USC game.

Dennis Erickson

On the team's mood going into Saturday after a high energetic week of practice

"It's been good. We've had a good week. We prepared pretty well and our guys are anxious to go out and play."

On whether Alden Darby lining up at second team linebacker in practice was due to lack of depth there

"Yes. If we were playing nickel that's where he would end up playing. We had some injuries but we are OK today. (Oliver) Aaron is ready play. Brandon Johnson is our other linebacker he was out with a concussion but he is OK too so we will have six linebackers. Corey (Adams) practiced today and he will be ready to go."

On making this road game a business trip and not get caught up with all the family members who will visit the players this weekend and has that point been driven home a lot this week?

"I've talked to them about it and they are going to have to drive it home themselves. They can spend a lot of time with their families this summer…you're playing there in front of your family so you want to play pretty darn good I would expect. But you can't be busy during Saturday or Friday night. You have to concentrate on what you have to concentrate on. We've talked about that a lot." On how often does this team talk about a bowl game

"Not much. We're trying to get five wins first. We just got to do what we got to do. If we do that the bowl will take care of itself. We have to get five wins and then we will worry about the sixth win."

Steven Threet

On the team's mood going into Saturday after a high energetic week of practice

"Coming after the (Washington State) game Saturday we had a lot of energy in practice this week trying to prepare for the game this weekend."

On whether he would agree that the team is more spirited that it has been in a while

"I would agree with that. We played pretty well on Saturday, not a lot of mistakes. We were able to carry that over, have a good practice on Tuesday and keep up with the ripple effect so to speak."

On how hard is it to play a late game on the road waiting for the contest all day

"It's actually not hard. We are used to do this at home every Saturday. It's not too big of a deal, just hang out prep for the game and watch some (game). By the time kickoff comes we are definitely ready to go. I like night game s a lot and I think a lot of guys on the team enjoy it."

On the importance of starting out strong on the road

"Starting fast, especially with our offense, when we start fast we play well. The start is definitely important and we just have to carry it through." On whether he watched a lot of USC and Pac-10 football growing up in Michigan?

"I watched a lot of Pac-10 – Big Ten games as far as matchups. Didn't get a lot of regional (Pac-10) coverage back in Michigan. But I have had a chance growing up watching some of the (USC) games and understanding the tradition. This will be my first time there (in the L.A. Coliseum)."

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