QB leaves team in favor of other interests

An aspiring musician for a few years now, Sun Devil signal caller Samson Szakacsy recently released an album called Chasing Truth. That title could not have been more prophetic, as the senior who graduates in May decided to leave the ASU football team in part of his pursuit of his music career, as well as other interests.

"It was a little of a struggle," Szakacsy confessed regarding his thought process that led him to this resolution. "But at the end of the day it feels right and that's why I'm moving on. I feel that I have to make the next step and move forward with my life.

"This has nothing to do with football because it has more to do with moving towards the things that I feel like I will enjoy more."

Szakacsy mentioned that music will be always part of his life and something that he plans to continue to do for a long time. At the same time, this religious studies major certainly plans to put his degree to use.

"I just did a show (promoting his album) and that allowed me to express and reflect on what I hold dear to me," Szakacsy recalled, "which is God and growth as a human being towards God. That's the number one priority for me. I'll keep on doing my music and that will be almost my soundboard. The music is important to me but it's not the only reason I'm moving forward.

"There is a lot of things I want to do and I feel that I'm ready now more than ever to dive into my (religious) studies, go to Jerusalem and meet Rabbis and experience that and then come here and do something else."

The quarterback acknowledged that growth as a human being can certainly also be achieved by being a football player and confessed that he will deeply miss the football team's camaraderie.

The numerous injuries Szakacsy suffered and the limited playing time at ASU that has ensued has been well documented. The Camarillo (Calif.) high school standout originally pledged to USC before changing his mind to sign with ASU. He didn't play in the first two years of his ASU career due to an elbow injury, which hampered him in one way or another during his entire Sun Devil tenure.

In 2009 as a redshirt sophomore he appeared in only five games, starting the final two contests. Prior to last season he underwent a shoulder surgery that kept him out of spring practice. He did perform well at times during fall camp, but once again had to succumb to his injury and was slotted as #3 in the depth chart.

He played in only one game in 2010, a 50-17 loss to California. He ended his ASU career completing 40 of 67 passes for 414 yards and four touchdowns with two interceptions.

"Things haven't gone as well as I planned them," Szakacsy remarked, "but that's the way that has been usually with my situation. The injuries definitely took a toll, but it isn't the main reason just part of why I decided to go in this direction.

"I think the best thing that I learned was keeping what I value most and keeping my priorities regardless of what happens. I feel that I did put in my time and gave myself an opportunity to experience (football) fully. I don't feel like I'm cutting myself short or stepping away from anything. I feel like I'm moving forward."

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