Robinson Prepares for Senior Campaign

With a new quarterback and a second season under offensive co-ordinator Noel Mazzone, Arizona State is primed for an offensive explosion. Senior Gerrell Robinson shared some of feelings about the upcoming season in this exclusive interview as the team began Spring Practice on Tuesday.

DD: The last time most of us saw you was against Arizona where you had 4 catches for 62 yards. Describe what it was like to beat the Wildcats in such dramatic fashion.

Gerrell Robinson: "To be an ex-committed Wildcat, it felt really good. They beat us my first two years in college, and then to go down there, in their place, on ESPN, and beat them the way we did, it was a statement game. I think that was the highlight of my ASU career thus far. I had a lot of fun enjoying that victory."

DD: How did everything that happened last year, close losses to ranked teams and victories against UCLA and Arizona, help motivate you to prepare for this upcoming season?

Gerrell Robinson: "We didn't win the games, but we know what we did to lose them. We beat ourselves, essentially, in all of those games. We know that we're right there. We're on the cusp of greatness; to be one of the top-tier teams in the nation. We know if we keep plugging away, fix our mental mistakes, and play football the way we have been, we'll come away with some victories."

DD: What sort of things specifically are you working on this offseason to prepare for your senior campaign?

Gerrell Robinson: "I'm just trying to be a leader; trying to help everybody else and leave my mark on this program. But more so, I'm trying to become a man out here, I guess. I'm trying to make that transition from being a boy out here to being a man and preparing myself for the next level. But my main purpose here is to win. My goal is to compete in everything that I do."

DD: Having played alongside guys like Kyle Williams and Kerry Taylor in previous years, is there anything that you've learned from them that you're trying to incorporate into your repertoire?

Gerrell Robinson: "Those guys were here, day in and day out. They set the bar. I know their numbers, stats and everything else. But my main thing is to beat their stats. More importantly though, I just want to win. I want to be able to have a roundtable discussion with all those guys and laugh and be able to show them a BCS ring and one-up those guys. But they're good dudes and I wish them the best in their NFL careers."

DD: Aside from the obvious team goal of playing in the Rose Bowl, what other goals have you set for yourself this year?

Gerrell Robinson: "I think this is the first offseason where I'm actually confident in myself, in what I'm doing. It's about being more consistent, and an every-play type of guy. And making those plays that most people wouldn't make. It's a matter of separating myself from everybody else and being a person that people can look up to out here."

DD: As a senior and a four year player, you're now a leader on this team. What are some of your thoughts and expectations for this offense in year 2 under Mazzone?

Gerrell Robinson: "In year 2 you'll see the biggest jump. We opened up some eyes last year but I think this year you'll finally see this whole offense come together. Everybody is a cohesive unit on our team and this is the first time since I've been here where everybody feels like this is an actual team.This is the most competitive group of guys I've ever been around in all my playing years. With that being said, I expect greatness from this offense with Brock leading us. Whosever hands the ball is put into, I expect them to make a play."

DD: How comfortable are you right now with Brock Osweiler after spending last season working primarily with Steven Threet?

Gerrell Robinson: "I mean yeah, Steven was the guy last year until he got hurt. It's kind of a weird situation. You've just got to be able to adjust with it. They're different kinds of quarterbacks but they're both good quarterbacks. Where you lose something with one, you sort of gain a different aspect with the other. It's not a hard transition at all though. They're both good dudes and Brock's a great quarterback."

DD: What are your thoughts on Taylor Kelly and Michael Bercovici?

Gerrell Robinson: "It's going to be tough. I'm not sure they'll get any burn this year, but I know for the next few years it'll be a battle. They're both good quarterbacks. Taylor's got that zone-read down and Mike can flick it. He can really spin it. I wouldn't be surprised to see them in a dual-package type of thing, if that's the case. They're good kids and they're learning. As long as the learning curve stays positive, they'll be okay."

DD: Your tweet last week about working out during spring break made the rounds on the internet. Was there ever a point where where you thought about putting the workouts on hold and getting out of town?

Gerrell Robinson: "I mean, yeah I did, but I've got to be realistic. Do I want to have fun or do I want to bring this team back to where it should be? That was mind-set going in. I've worked out everyday. I caught over a a thousand balls and did different workouts. I just want to win. That's my main thing. The past couple years I've gone places and had fun, but the next fall I haven't fulfilled what I need to do as a student-athlete, and that's to win."

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