Suggs Doesn't Hurt Draft Stock in Second Workout

The NCAA's all-time sack leader's pro workout had a much different feel today. The hoopla was virtually non-existent compared to March 26, and even Mother Nature was kind with an unseasonably cool day. Even though Terrell Suggs' 40-yard times were virtually the same as last month, the overall feel that came out of this workout is that the defensive end it still a top-six pick.

The Lombardi Trophy winner was clocked in the mid 4.8's, but when it comes to measuring defensive ends' speed, there are other variables that come into play. DevilsDigest talked to one of the AFC scouts in attendance who commented that: "With all defensive linemen, everyone is concerned with the 10-yards time." Suggs was clocked in the low 1.70's and according to this scout. "He was in the acceptable parameters. The whole thing is an ascending process – it's not where he is now, but where it's gonna be, that's the interesting part in all of this – to project someone's skills…He showed good movement. He's a young guy, but experience and repetition will make him better. His core movement skills are there." Overall this NFL scout believes that "He did great. He definitely helped himself.

The ex-Sun Devil lineman shared those sentiments: "All I wanted to do is progress from the last time. The 40-time is a bit slow, but I'm a lot heavier than I used to be. That's no excuse but I can still play and get faster…we did try to progress in the first 10 yards and we did a lot better in that. I popped up faster and I had a better turnover speed." Suggs admitted with a big smile that he "Kinda wants to the next week to get over with." But that doesn't mean he won't enjoy the what lies ahead. "I'm looking forward to going to New York and enjoying it. All the hard work is done, so I'm ready to relax and play Playstation2, rent a lot Disney movies, enjoy my Pops cooking…"

Suggs thought that his skill drills on the grass went very well, even though on one of the drills he said: "Mean Joe Greene beat me with the bag, but that's cool." He did attribute his successful workout to being more relaxed this time around. "The worst has already happened. So now it was time to go out here and have fun. I thank all the teams for coming out and seeing me only one week before the draft."

The Arizona Cardinals had by far the biggest representation with head coach Dave McGinnis, defensive coordinator Larry Marmie, defensive line coach Joe Greene, and vice president of operations Rod Graves. Houston Texans head coach Dom capers was the only other head coach in attendance. Among the several teams fielding representatives were both New York teams, Chiefs, Patriots, Ravens, Vikings, and the Jaguars. Dirk Koetter and his entire staff were at the practice fields today, along with 2003 signees Mark Washington and Robert Gustavis who are in town for the spring game tomorrow.

Prior to last month's workout, Suggs was projected as a top pick, with some suggesting that he should get top billing. Following that workout, experts were quick to drop him out of the top five. Following today's workout, the consensus seems to be that he didn't hurt his standings, and perhaps improved it a bit. Suggs remains optimistic as to what will transpire next Saturday. "I'm not worried about that stuff. You never really now until the draft. Nothing is carved in stone. I don't really read about it, and when I do I really don't care too much. I'm just excited to go and play some football and show them what I really can do. I'm not a track guy. But I can play some football." On April 26th, the actions taken by some NFL teams will validate or refute that statement…

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