2012 prospects give thumbs up to new uniforms

It was no secret that part of the re-branding of ASU athletics was done to attract recruits in all sports. Yet, how much did the Sun Devils' new look that was unveiled yesterday resonate with those prospects? Devils Digest checked in with some of Arizona State's 2012 football recruits to get their impressions of the team's new uniforms.

Running back Byron Marshall, the brother of Arizona State running back Cameron Marshall, was in the unique position to not only view the Sun Devils' new uniforms but also gage the reaction of his brother just hours after they were unveiled.

"I did get to see them last night and I thought they were cool," Marshall said. "The black uniforms are my favorite, but all in all I do like all of them. I talked to Cameron a little about that and he said he liked them a lot, especially the black ones."

In terms of impact on recruiting, Marshall said that new uniforms do have an influence to some degree.

"I don't know if I would go to a school because of a uniform," Marshall commented, "but if they were awful (laughs)…having nice uniforms definitely helps, but I like both traditional and flashy ones."

D.J. Foster is one local recruit who obviously felt the anticipation the entire Sun Devil community was feeling leading up to Tuesday's event and once the new uniforms were introduced, the Scottsdale Saguaro used one word to describe them.

"Sick," Foster said. "I was watching Fox Sports (live webcast) when they showed them and they are really sick. I really like the black uniforms and black helmets. When it comes to recruiting it's a nice bonus but I like Arizona State for other reasons too."

Kendyl Taylor is another local product that witnessed the build-up mounting to ASU's announcement, and the Hamilton wide receiver did endorse of the new look as well.

"I think it is a very nice change," Taylor stated. "I like all the different color jerseys and the helmets, and how the numbers look. Sometimes it's good to have a new look, even though I like Sparky. But Sparky is still on the helmet so they didn't change that much. I like old tradition, but I also know that you have to stay up to date.

"Uniforms always add a little to recruiting, when you look at a team like Oregon for example. Some guys will choose a team just because of the uniform, but for me it's a bonus and one thing to consider along with other things when I make my decision."

Kendyl's older brother, Kerry Taylor exhausted his eligibility at ASU this past season and the Hamilton wide receiver said that the now ex-Sun Devil is certainly disappointed about his missed opportunity.

"He really wishes he had one more year so he could wear those uniforms," Taylor commented. "He heard so much of the black uniforms coming there and he was hoping he could wear them while he was playing there, so yeah he's a little bummed out.

"But he's very excited for the guys that will get to wear them."

Hamilton teammate Elijah White actually attended ASU's practice on Tuesday, undoubtedly feeling the buzz of the uniform unveiling just hours before.

"They are really really nice," White said. "It shows that ASU is really coming into the picture, ready to take care of business with a whole new swag. I like them a lot. I like all of them, but the black ones I like the most because they are intimidating."

Jeremy Castro is one of many Southern California recruits that attended the Sun Devils' Junior Day event earlier this month and came away with a very positive experience. Judging by his reaction Wednesday afternoon to new uniforms, it's safe to say that the linebacker has something else positive to remember ASU by.

"I love them! I love them! I love them!" Castro exclaimed. "The black uniforms look really good and are intimidating. I did notice how the helmets don't look shiny and I like that a lot too. The pitchfork…it's just a totally different look for them and I really like it.

And what about the impact the uniforms can have on recruiting?

"It doesn't hurt to have nice uniforms," Castro commented.

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