Interest in McCray picking up

Due to injury, Stephon McCray only played in the last four contests of the 2010 season. Nonetheless, despite the fact that the 6-3 295 Fresno (Calif.) Bullard offensive lineman wasn't fully recovered in those games his performance did manage to still grab the attention of a few schools. Arizona State is among the lineman's main suitors and consequently McCray unofficially visited Tempe last week.

"I got to see pretty much everything and it was great," said Stephon McCray about his visit last Friday. "We met all the coaches, got to talk about academics and I had good time. I was very impressed that all the people I talked to knew who I was and I appreciated that they took the time to get to know me even before I visited. It was great meeting with coach (Dennis) Erickson because some places I have been to I never got to meet the head coach. The bubble (indoor practice facility) was amazing. It was hot outside but when you go into the bubble it really helps.

"I got to meet some of the offensive linemen on the team and they all told me how well they get treated there and that is what I wanted to hear. It was a great visit and I enjoyed it a lot. There was nothing negative about the visit."

McCray, who is being recruited by tight ends and special teams coach Jamie Christian added that towards the end of his visit he did get to sit down with offensive line coach Gregg Smith and break down game film so the Bullard standout could get further familiarized with the Sun Devils' style of play.

"We got to see some running plays," McCray recalled, "and it was very interesting to see some plays that I have not seen before. I really like some of those plays and I was excited about them. Arizona State's scheme is pretty much 50-50 between run and pass and I think I can do well in that scheme if I came there and the coaches think I can do well too.

"I am a very versatile and athletic player for my size and coach Smith and other coaches said that they like that about me and that I was the type of offensive lineman they were looking for. They (the various recruiting coaches) said that I can pass block as well as I can run block, and I know I can pull to run block and I have a good kick step to pass block. Coach Smith said I could play both tackle and guard, and if I did sign there he would start me out at tackle and see how it goes from there."'s West Recruiting Manager, Brandon Huffman, offered the following evaluation of McCray:

"McCray first caught our attention when he was a sophomore and won OL MVP honors at the Stanford NFTC," Huffman said. "He's a big kid, nicknamed "Three and a Quarter" (though he's down some pounds), and has tremendous strength and size. He's more of a waist bender than a knee bender, and needs to be more flexible but in terms of his strength and size, he looks college ready. McCray is a very good run blocker and a solid pass blocker."

The lineman reported weight room marks of 310 lbs. benching, 495 lbs. squatting and 350 lbs. on the power clean. He said that if not for the dislocated elbow he suffered a week before last season's opener he would play also at defensive tackle for the Knights.

The Sun Devils have offered the Bullard standout last month and joined other programs that have extended offers such as Colorado, Iowa State, Washington State and Fresno State. "I don't know what other programs may offer me," McCray commented, "but if they do they do and if they don't they don't. I'm not going to sit around and worry about it. I'm happy with the group (of offers) I have right now.

"I have visited Colorado and Fresno State and I plan to visit Washington State sometime in July. I just got that Iowa State offer so I need to try and set something up with them if I can. I really don't know when I will decide. I need to check out all the schools that have offered me and see who gives me the best feeling. But I can assure you I won't stand around and wait."

McCray pointed out that a family atmosphere is something that he has to experience when he visits a school and that this would be the biggest aspect he would consider at the time of his decision.

"I consider myself a good person and I want to be at a place where the players have the same personality as me," McCray explained. "I obviously need to get along with the people on the team. I also want to live in a good community so if I wasn't able to play football I could feel comfortable in that environment.

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