Crandall On A New Mission

Among the new faces the Arizona State Basketball team will be welcoming year will be sophomore Kenny Crandall. The 6'3" 190 shooting guard from the local Mesa Mountain View high school spent the last two years on a Mormon mission in Eugene, Oregon.

Crandall truly enjoyed his time up in the northwest: "Missionary life is very sheltered. You don't have to worry about money, girls or other things. Coming back to real life you have much more responsibilities. Each Mormon has his own choice to go or not go on a mission, but the church heavily encourages it. You don't get penalized if you don't go; it's just each person has a choice. My brothers served on missions and I have seen the changes in their life, and after going through it myself, it's definitely worth it."

The sophomore guard tried his best to keep in shape, and he added 20 or so pounds to his frame. "Every day I was able to do pushups, and I carried a crow bar with me every where I went, as well as a jump rope. We had only 45 minutes a day to work out, and I had to wake up a little earlier to do that. I just did everything I could to be in shape. The 20 pounds I gained is not all muscle, it has some fat but it's coming down quick (smile)"

As far as his current workout regimen Crandall says: "I've been working out with the strength coach. We're starting out very slow, and just we're just trying to build me up. I'm also working at the Mountain View Basketball camp, so I get to shoot a lot, and get in some running. It works out pretty good. It's frustrating that I'm not back yet to the shape I was before the mission. But it will come. I think in a month or two I'll be very close to being in the shape like I was before the mission." With the improved depth on the team this year, some may wonder what his role would be on the squad. Right now Crandall and the coaching staff are taking it one step at a time: "I talked a little bit about my role with coach Evans, They talked about needing a shooter. The coaches are telling me just to work on my shot, and be a leader and a motivator. Maybe I can also calm down (fellow high school teammate) Tanner Shell (smile). I know I have to work on all the aspects of my game, but right now shooting is what I'm concentrating on. With the tough season we had last year I was anxious to get back to the team. I knew we had an awesome team, and I think we're even better now with all the additions. I think we're gonna have a great year this season. I'm excited for that."

With his religious mission completed, it's time for Crandall to embark on his academic and athletic mission. He will spend the rest of his summer getting into shape, and come fall he will start his classes, which may lead to majoring in exercise science. With all the challenges that Crandall endured the last two years, he will be well prepared for the rigors of Pac-10 Basketball. With all the trials and tribulation coach Evans' team went through last year, Crandall's shooting touch and personality will be a welcomed additions on the Sun Devils team.

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