Eubank eager to prove his accolades

He may be Arizona State's highest rated signee in the 2011 recruiting class, but the ascent to elite prospect status has been anything but a smooth and rapid path for Michael Eubank. The Corona (Calif.) Centennial quarterback has been questioned about his skills for quite some time which is why he is excited to start and dismiss those theories as a member of the Sun Devils.

If you watched just a couple minutes of this four-star prospect's game film, it would be impossible to not notice Michael Eubank's athleticism and his ability to make plays on the run. Yet, just like any proverbial dual-threat signal caller, critics have voiced their concerns over the Centennial standout's throwing mechanics as well as his ability to read defenses.

In his junior season Eubank completed 84 of 143 attempts for 1,123 yards, nine touchdowns and eight interceptions. Despite playing for one of the powerhouse programs in Southern California, recruiting attention for the quarterback at the time was virtually non-existent.

"Quarterbacks go to camps and can look good in T-Shirts and shorts," Eubank explained. "But colleges want to see what you can do in game situations with the pads on. They want to see how you react in pressure situations, how many mistakes you make and how you react after making them? When you get hit, how quick you get back up? "Back then I didn't prove myself yet. I didn't want a team to offer me just based on what they saw me when I was wearing a t-shirts and shorts and I respect that."

Eubank's senior season though was a much different campaign and one where he was actually able to showcase his improved play. That year the signal caller completed 165 of 245 passes for 2,831 yards and 22 touchdowns. He also ran for 1,329 yards and 19 TDs on 136 carries.

Even though 2010 started on the right foot, to say the least, Eubank's recruitment was still stuck being a mirror image of 2009.

"I was upset at the beginning of my senior year," Eubank confessed. "I thought more schools would recruit me. I knew I didn't have a good junior year, but the stats I was putting up as a senior were much better. "I was mad but that was just more fuel to the fire. I know that helped me play better."

His recruitment finally picked up steam in the middle of the season and ASU, through wide receivers coach Steve Broussard, was in fact his first BCS offer coming in late October. His only offer to date back then was from Northern Colorado. Many debate the importance of whether a school who offers a prospect first will ultimately cash in and receive their pledge. Needless to say that the Sun Devils' approach did have a profound effect on Eubank.

"After ASU offered me they were the most consistent in their recruitment," Eubank commented. "They weren't only talking to me but they were talking to my family and they saw me as often as they could. They really wanted to make sure that my family was comfortable with the school and wanted my mother to know that the school was going to take care of their son.

"ASU took time to not only know me as a football player but also as a person. They really showed how much they cared about your well being. They did that better than other schools that were recruiting me and if ASU didn't do that I don't know if I would commit to them in the end. They did all the little stuff that I appreciated."

However, the 2011 recruiting class for Arizona State was one that saw a few pledges eventually decommit and others like Eubank were having second thoughts about their original decision as Letter of Intent day approached.

The quarterback who had offers from Arizona, Cincinnati, UNLV and Washington among others did visit both Utah and Pittsburgh in late January as he was exploring his options. Eubank admitted that he did have second thoughts concerning Arizona State.

"I was having hesitations because other schools said that I could be playing immediately," Eubank recalled. "They were saying that they wanted to create a new spread offense around me just like Oregon has to get me on the field right away. It all sounded good and it all sounded great. But in the end I had to go somewhere where not only was I comfortable with but so was my family.

"Coach Erickson was always straight with me and my family and my mother really liked him and the ASU coaching staff more than any other school. We know coach E's history not only with African-American players but African-American quarterbacks and he isn't afraid to go against the grain and play an African-American quarterback. So as it got closer to signing day I was confident that I wanted to go to ASU." At Arizona State there was no need to re-invent the offense with Eubank, like some of the signal caller's suitors were claiming to do in hopes of landing him. The Sun Devils were already employing a spread scheme under then first-year offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone.

"That is my forte," Eubank declared. "I've been running it four years now and I have been running it efficiently."

Eubank humbly credits former teammate quarterbacks Taylor Martinez and Matt Scott in his development saying that they taught him a lot about playing under pressure.

"Having guys like that who went on to play on D-I teams helps you a lot," Eubank remarked. "When you play on a team like Centennial with so much talent around you, you learn to accept nothing but your best effort and that only helps you become a better player."'s Director of Scouting, Scott Kennedy, offered this evaluation of Eubank:

"Eubank possesses great size at the quarterback position," Kennedy said. "He is tall at 6'5 with a large frame. He is athletic in and outside the pocket with good running ability. He has a long, winding throwing motion similar to Tim Tebow's which can possibly hurt him in the future. He can make hash-to-hash throws with his strong arm. He plays in a spread offense so his future in a pro-style will be in question as he enters the collegiate game."

This opinion is very typical of the aforementioned dual-threat signal caller assessment, and one that has also been expressed by other recruiting pundits. Eubank knows that the burden of proof is on him to showcase what some may call traditional quarterback skills and establish himself as well-rounded player.

"When you look at my stats I had more passing touchdowns than running ones," Eubank said. "I had more passing yards than rushing yards. I know I can sit in the pocket and deliver. I know people will talk about my delivery and I will get in shorter.

"The only thing I can say to my critics is get ready for the seasons to come and see what I will be doing out there on the field."

Eubank added that while quarterbacks with his skill set are becoming more commonplace in college football, he has aspirations to play in the NFL which normally employs non-spread schemes and requires a quarterback to do much more than scramble and gain yards with his feet.

Eubank has been in Tempe since mid-June and along with other newcomers he has since been immersed into the voluntary strength and conditioning program.

"I have been getting my shoulders strong with certain lifts," said Eubank of the workouts, "keeping my core strong, getting my legs strong so I can push off better. I feel like I'm already faster and stronger since I got here. My first step is quicker too. I haven't gained a lot weight, just two pounds, so I just leaned out and put on a little muscle."

The adjustment from high school to college isn't limited just to the team workouts. Yet, It is a transition that the he has embraced and one that has been uncomplicated thank to the support he has experienced.

"College life is a faster pace than high school," Eubank said, "but I do like how everything you do depends on you and your judgment. I'm enjoying this responsibility I'm having. I'm also enjoying this because people here are very open and treat you like family. As a freshman coming in they are eager to show you around the school and tell you what is good for you and is not good for you."

Eubank stated that he naturally hangs out with many of his fellow ASU newcomers such as Gary Chambers, Ezekiel Bishop, Joe Eason and Isreal Marshall. When it comes to having veterans taking him under their wing the "brotherhood", as Eubanks calls it, of the Centennial players on the Sun Devil squad has stepped up to the plate.

"Vontaze (Burfict), Shelly (Lyons)…all these guys have treated me like their little brother telling me everything I need to know about the school," Eubank stated. "It feels good to know that players from your high school are taking care of you just like you thought they would.

"But it's also important to see that Sun Devils take care of other Sun Devils. You come in here and see how your teammates treat you with respect just like any other player because you are part of the team even though you just got here."

Eubank isn't the only true freshman quarterback on the squad, as he was preceded by Michael Bercovici who arrived on campus in January and was one of standouts in the team's recent spring practice. Bercovici's emergence could naturally make Eubank's chances of contributing this year that much harder, yet the Centennial signal caller sees this as just one more challenge to conquer during his time at ASU.

"I'm going in with the mindset that I'm going to work hard, work passionately and may the best player win," Eubank said. "All my brothers are really good quarterbacks and they all know what they are doing. Michael Bercovici has actually been helping me learn the offense. We are all working hard out there and I'm just trying to be the best quarterback I can be."

Not only does Eubank, who is ranked 18th nationally in his class by, command high expectations this year but so does his team which is picked by some experts to win the Pac-12 South and is included in a few preseason Top 25 polls.

"I feel that excitement vibe every day in our workouts," Eubank commented. "Having a good season and coming out with the Pac-12 championship is something we all talk about everyday in the weight room and on the field. It's always on our minds."

Recruit Profile


Michael Eubank

High School

Corona (Calif.) Centennial







Date of Birth



Indianapolis, IN



Favorite TV Show

"Adventure Time."

Favorite Movie

"Any Given Sunday."

Favorite Singer/Band


Favorite Movie Star

"Will Smith and Eva Mendes."

Favorite Food

"Soul Food."

Favorite Drink

"Raspberry Ice Tea."

Favorite Athlete

"Cam Newton and Peyton Manning."

Favorite Pro Team

"Indianapolis Colts."

Person you most admire

"My grandfather. He's the rock of the family, he's the leader of the family. I haven't had a dad in my life the whole time and he has always been there for me in good and in tough situations."

First Football Memory

"It's funny but the first football game I ever watched was Arizona State playing on a Saturday. I was eight years old and I don't remember who they were playing. I told my mom then ‘I want to play for Arizona State University.'

One Thing most people don't know about me

"I fell out of a window when I was four years old and I have a scar from it on the left side of my head."

Why did you choose ASU?

"Coach Erickson is the man."

Where do you want to be in ten years?

"A multiple Super Bowl champion and definitely also still being a man of god who is a successful business man ,who has a great family and has the ability to help any person in need."

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