Pac-12 Media Day: Erickson Quotes

LOS ANGELES – in today's Pac-12 Media Day Arizona State head coach Dennis Erickson discussed several team topics with reporters.

How have the last three seasons impacted you?

A: "I have a lot of pride in what I do. So anytime you lose, it affects you. You make changes and do what you have to do to get better. No one wants to win more than me and we will."

When you do receive criticism does it just roll off your back?

A: "Doesn't bother me. It's just part of the job. That's the business. People get criticized. That's part of coaching and playing."

Do you think that this will be your last season of coaching? Is this something that you have thought about?

A: "I'm going to coach as long as I can and as long as I'm enjoying it. I'm enjoying (coaching) but I don't enjoy losing six close games, when you don't feel that this is something that should happen to you. Hopefully we learned from that. Last season was tough. We could have won nine games, but we didn't."

It seems that with the situation at corner and the way that Alden Darby played in the spring, you have to find way to play him this year…

A: "Without a question. The thing that he has brought to us at safety was his presence, his speed against the run and against the pass he closes out really fast. So if you move him from there that hurts you (at safety). But he has to start for us. You have to play him at both (positions) because. If Deveron (Carr) and Osahon (Irabor) are going to play the way I think they will and (Devan) Spann…you have to play (Darby) at safety so he's on the field. It's a catch-22 right now.

"All of them (corners) had a good summer. We are going to try Rashad Ross at corner. He played corner his fist year (at junior college) and played receiver this year and he can fly. So we'll see how he is when he gets here."

What are your thoughts about (junior college transfer defensive end) Davon Coleman?

A: "From what I hear from our strength (coaches) he's someone who can help us. He can run and in a lot of ways he's like Junior (Onyeali). But I haven't seen him yet."

It appears as you are going relatively healthy into fall camp…

A: "If you don't count the spring injuries. That makes up for everything."

Are you expecting Omar Bolden and T.J. Simpson to play this year?

A: "I don't know. I think you just kind of wait and see. I certainly don't want to put them out there if there was a chance that they would re-injure (their knees). That decision is totally up to them."

What kind of summer has Vontaze Burfict had?

A: "It's been good. He has really done a nice job leadership wise in the weight room, being on time and being there all the time. He did well in summer school. There is a lot of maturity with him right now that he didn't have. It's all part of growing up. He was just so immature emotionally at times. I talked to him about leadership and taking over things."

With the stable of running backs you have this year and an experienced offensive line, how different will the running game be this year compared to 2010?

A: "I think we have to get Cameron (Marshall) more involved. He's too good of a football player not to get him the football. You'll see us more, not so much in two tights (ends) but you'll see (Trevor) Kohl more in the game. He (Cameron) is as good as runner there is. When you spread (the offense) out he's a good runner too. I would say he should get (the ball) 20 times a game."

But you have an offensive coordinator that likes to throw the ball a little bit…

A: "When I say ‘run' he'll run. I like to throw it around myself."

Is the injury to Deantre Lewis as bad as your first thought it was or is taking longer than you thought to heal?

A: "Taking longer. The injury was worse from when they first (diagnosed) it. When they first saw it there was no damage to the hamstring, but come and find out that there was. He's getting some of his hamstring (range of motion) back, so there is chance he'll be back. But I'm not going to put out him out there if he isn't totally healed."

You certainly have other options at running back…

A: "(Kyle) Middlebrooks is good. We have Jamal (Miles) back there. James Morrison can come in and do some things. We'll be OK there but you like to have Deantre because he can get a homerun."

Are you still going to play (wide receiver Aaron) Pflugrad on the outside?

A: "We're going to play him both (inside and outside). We have to get Jamal on the field. He's just too good of a football player. So if we are going to put our best guys out there, we have Gerell (Robinson), Mike Willie, we have Pflugrad, we got Jamal, you have George (Bell), J.J. Holliday…but Pflugrad is pretty good outside, and we can also play him in the slot."

Do you think the fact that Brock Osweiler wasn't named the starting quarterback last season helped him develop into the quarterback he is today?

A: "Yes. I wish the (competition at QB) was clear cut last year, so the quarterback can run the show in the summertime instead of two of them running the show. But last year made a difference with him and his confidence. His best quality is that he is a natural leader and that particular is the most important intangible at that position."

Brock said that he wants to have more fun in fall camp having talent shows, are you cool with that?

A: "I'm cool with everything they want to do. It's their team. If they want to do different things I'm fine with that. I like talent shows. I like watching those (clowns). It will be enjoyable to me. I'll have to talk to him about that and make sure he organizes that."

What did you see in this year's team that can turn all those close losses from last season into wins?

A: "Why did we lose those close games? Because of dumb stuff we did. If you can't learn from that, you can't learn. Did this team want to beat USC? Did they want to beat Stanford? They needed to learn from those games and make sure you don't get your (behind) kicked. So just show them the game film and show them why they lost. I think that is the best way for them to learn.

"You can repeat that stuff as many times as you want to talk about it and it can go in one ear and out the other. But you show them the damage it created and that's how I think they started learning."

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