Bell encouraged by personal, team improvement

For the last few years the ASU offense has been playing catch-up with its defense. While both sides possess plenty of athleticism, the offense hasn't been able to put it together enough to take advantage of winnable situations the defense has put them in.

For senior wide receiver George Bell, last season was very disappointing both individually as he was plagued by drops and an overall lack of looks, and as a team finishing with a record well below the level of talent on the roster and for the third straight year, missing a bowl game.

With only one year of eligibility remaining a lot of seniors feel there is sense of urgency to produce and make sure they leave nothing behind, but Bell points out it's all about just getting better.

"I won't say a sense of urgency to meet expectations, but to get better," Bell said. "If you think about it we have camp, and then the season. We've been working hard and progressing all summer and we just have to keep doing the same things we've been doing. As long as we keep getting better everyday and come out and compete, then we'll do it in the season. The best way I can pitch it is to practice how you play."

With last season being a tough campaign, Bell knows he has to get better, and part of that is finding a happy medium between learning from last season's mistakes, and moving on.

"I haven't done anything. It's not the season, practice is to get better everyday and that's just what I'm doing. I really don't have a rating, I feel like the season rates your performance, and I'm just trying to get better, man.

"You have to go through the struggles to get better. We all know we should've been undefeated; unfortunately we had a lot of mishaps like penalties and dropped balls. A whole lot of things happened and we have to look back on it to look forward. So we look back at the mistakes we made and we have to progress forward."

Helping Bell get over the struggles of last year is starting quarterback Brock Osweiler who has been handed the reigns and seems to have the full support of the team.

"I think Brock is ready for whatever Brock puts his mind to," Bell acknowledged. "He is a driven person. Brock had us out here working so hard during the summer, just taking the receivers and going to throw, making us do extra stuff, and even out in practice right now you can see him running sprints with all the quarterbacks. Whatever he puts his mind to he is going to accomplish.

"He is a great leader on the team. Everybody ‘ooh rahs' around him and once Brock starts talking everybody listens and that's what you want out of your quarterback so I feel like Brock is that guy."

Another thing working in Bell's favor is familiarity with offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone's offensive system. Now two years in, Bell admits he is doing less thinking out there and it's making things a lot easier.

"I'm way more comfortable than I was last year," Bell admitted. "Last year I was still catching on to certain things, especially being from JUCO with the coaching styles being so different. My expectations were different coming in, of course I wanted to be the man, but things happen and I just took that as an eye opening experience and worked harder this offseason than I've ever worked in my life.

"I'm just coming out here trying to compete everyday and get better on a daily basis."

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