Adams Hopeful for Breakout Year

Limited by injuries in his two years as a Sun Devil, Corey Adams has been itching for the chance to showcase his talents. Now fully healthy, Adams is ready to make a splash.

Corey Adams is on his way to having by far his most productive fall camp as a Sun Devil. In fact, nearly three full weeks into this year's camp, you could argue that he's been one of the better players for the defense and is certainly someone to watch closely as the season draws near.

"I think I've improved greatly, not only in the run, but in the pass as well," said Adams after Thursday's practice. "I think as a defensive line we all have, overall.

"Specifically, it's little technical things that Coach Brown has been working on with me," he added. "It's really on a daily basis; each day we pick something different to work on."

Adams credits Brown for much of his improvement so far this offseason. The new defensive line coach has brought some zest and zeal, along with experience, to help guide the stingy Sun Devil defense.

"I personally love Coach Brown," stated Adams. "He definitely brings an attitude to film and to practice. He wants us to get better and we definitely are.

"One of his phrases is to 'master your craft,' and through film study and individual discussions with him, he really takes the time not only as a group, but as an individual, to work with you. He helps get little things fixed and to be technically sound as a player."

Another key element that coach Brown has implored to his defense is the value they can gain from watching film of themselves. According to Adams, the extra time in the film room has awakened him to the techniques he still needs to perfect and other areas of his game where he can improve.

"Film study is definitely big with Coach Brown and it really works," he said. "I've gotten my punch tighter inside and it really brings out all my power. I switched my stance up; it makes me quicker and more versatile.

"He's a really good coach and he's helping me bring out my true potential."

Perhaps more than anything though, after suffering injury setbacks in each of his two seasons in Tempe, Corey Adams is now fully healthy. This comes as good news to Sun Devil fans as injuries to other players continue to mount in fall camp. Adams knows the struggle some of his teammates have ahead of them, but is also confident they can persevere.

"With the schedule that we have - school, football, whatever - getting into the training room and taking care of that stuff isn't easy," he commented. "A lot of times the players that are out here doing rehab on the field are doing things that can be tougher than the practice itself.

"Mentally, you feel weak. You don't feel as good of a player as you can be. You can't bring what you have to the table to help the team, and you feel left out. It really sucks, but when you come back, you're expected to play as well as you can."

Aside from injuries, the Sun Devils lost two key contributors from last year's squad in Lawrence Guy (declared for NFL draft) and James Brooks (transferred to North Alabama). Thankfully though, the Sun Devils have the fortune of getting back redshirt sophomore Will Sutton, as well as adding some junior college talent to the defense in Gannon Conway and Davon Coleman, to shore up the depth.

"First and foremost, with Lawrence and James, those are my brothers and I love those guys," said Adams. "I still stay in contact with them and we're going to miss them. It'll be hard to replace them, but those sort of things happen.

"But the guys that we've got, I feel like we have a tight-knit group and didn't lose any camaraderie or chemistry. We have a group of guys who come out here and work every day and each day everyone is improving. With Gannon, DC, and Will - they're all phenomenal football players - and I think we have a good thing going this year."

Adams' improvement has gained him considerable more time working with the starting defensive unit lately. As someone who has played in a total of 17 games as a Sun Devil but yet to start in any of them, this serves as a motivation to continue his all out effort in camp.

"I do feel like it's motivation," remarked Adams. "You know the coaches are being really vocal with me and telling me that I'm doing a good job. That's definitely that extra pat on the back and makes me want to come out here and work that much harder and to play the way I know I can."

No matter where he lands though in the rotation, Adams believes he and his fellow defensive tackles will be a force to reckon with on the interior.

"We have this three man role between me, Bo Moos and Will Sutton, rotating with the one's," he said. "With our position and the way that we roll, starter, two - it doesn't really matter because you're getting that playing time.

"As long as you're doing what you need to do, I don't think it's really that big of a deal."

Overall, Adams expects to see this Sun Devil defense strive to reach its potential. With playmakers and depth at every position, it's a unit that can be potent and scary for opposing offenses to matchup with. Adams warns though that this year's defense might also have an edge to it that hasn't been seen by fans in a while.

"I really think we're going to be faster and meaner," he stated. "I think through this camp what we've seen is a tenacity that we haven't had before. I mean we've always had a tenacious attitude, but it's unbelievable what we have going on this year.

"The coaches talk about us trying to be as close to perfect but to never reach there. "The idea is to never get to perfect, but to always keep getting better and better each day. That's something that the coaches have talked about and we've bought into as a defense."

With anticipation mounting and days ticking down until the season starts, Adams knows his chance to shine is getting closer. Never one to get distracted though, Adams insists he remains focused on what he needs to do to get better before September 1st.

"I just want to keep getting better and improve on some technical things that Coach Brown has us doing," he commented. "Whether that's where my head looks on a rip inside or where I'm placing my hands on a specific stunt, just keep doing the minute details that are going to make me an exceptional player on the field."

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