Erickson and Osweiler's post-practice quotes

ASU head coach Dennis Erickson and quarterback Brock Osweiler addressed the media following Monday's practice.

Dennis Erickson

Q: What did you think of practice today?

DE: "I thought it was a good practice, particularly defensively, there was a lot of enthusiasm and guys flying around like we haven't had in a long time. That was a plus but offensively we didn't execute like we needed to which happens every once in awhile but it was a good practice. We had a day off so the legs were a little fresher and they came out and practiced pretty well."

Q: Corey Adams was pretty active and disruptive, what have you seen from him?

DE: "Corey has really improved. We'll see what happens when we play but it's a total different guy out there from what I saw the first couple years. I'm excited to watch him play; he's very athletic, healthy for a change. He's been one of the pleasant surprises at camp, how he's played."

Q: Is it hard for a player who has been injured as much as he (Adams) has, to get out of that mindset?

DE: "Sometimes you get that thing mentally when you get injured and you go out, wondering if you're going to get injured again and you just have to get by that with time and he's done that, he's ready to go."

Q: Have you decided on returners?

DE: "Yes, Jamal Miles will be our punt returner and Middlebrooks will be our kickoff returner."

Q: Is the backup quarterback decision still up in the air?

DE: "That's still a work in progress but a good work in progress because they're competing against each other and they're playing pretty well right now."

Q: At what point do you start game planning?

DE: "We've already started. We'll get into it tomorrow and Wednesday a little bit with UC Davis and then our whole practice Thursday will be about Davis and a mock situation for our players."

Q: Is it nice to have Brandon Magee back out there, even if it's just on the sidelines?

DE: "Of course, he'll be around a lot".

Q: Is Deveron Carr getting close?

DE: "Yes, he was a lot better today, watched him on the side there and it's the best I've seen him so I don't think he's very far away."

Q: What's your comfort level on how the offensive line has played in camp?

DE: "I think good and bad. We've had some guys injured, having Sampson hurt bothers us a little bit but we have a lot of depth there. I like where we're at but like I've said you don't know where you're at until you play but I'm comfortable because they have experience."


Brock Osweiler

Q: So the defense kind of got the better of you today… BO: "They did. Defense came out and had a great day. They brought a lot of enthusiasm to practice, a lot of energy and they got after us a little bit. It's going to happen though during fall camp, some days defense is going to win, some days we're going to win."

Q: Do you feel like you guys are on track for the opener?

BO: "Yes, I do. Today wasn't even a slip up, its just one day of fall camp. We've had three great weeks leading up to today, we had a solid scrimmage on Saturday and we'll look at the tape tonight and tomorrow and come out better tomorrow."

Q: What's the anticipation level of you and the guys getting ready to go into this season?

BO: "We can't wait, we're excited. Game day is right around the corner and this is something that we've been working towards since January so there's a lot of excitement around the building and we're ready to play."

Q: Is there a sense of relief when you're done with practice without hurting anyone?

BO: "Everyone is so worried about the injuries that have happened but injuries are just part of football, they're going to happen and its just how you bounce back from those and I think our football team has done a great job with those."

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