Moos' progression has been impressive

Quietly, senior Bo Moos has been having one of the stronger fall camps of any Sun Devil so far. From rotation player to likely starter, the defensive tackle is looking to have strong final campaign.

Moos, who played in 11 games and registered 17 total tackles in 2010, has held a firm grasp on one of the starting defensive tackles now for most of camp. Hoping to fill the void left by Lawrence Guy along the Sun Devil defensive line, a motivated Moos has used his powerful work ethic and diligent preparation as a means to achieving his goal.

"It's kind of a different deal when you become a starter, and it's a different process in terms of staying a starter," said Moos after practice Tuesday. "It's just a different state of mind; you've got to really guard and protect that spot. In order to do that you've just got to come out everyday like you're not a starter.

"You've got to stay hungry, so I just stayed hungry. I still don't think I've arrived yet and I expect a lot out of myself and I think that's why I've been able to hold that spot throughout camp."

Helping anchor the interior of the Sun Devil defensive line along with Moos are Will Sutton, back with the team after missing last season due to academics, and junior Corey Adams, who now healthy has been having a great camp himself. Together they make a formidable trio that can wreak havoc on any offense.

"I think with us three you have, arguably, the three most dynamic tackles in the Pac-12," stated a confident Moos. "I think all three of us are starters and that's what makes us so good.

"Who knows come gameday who's going to be out there with the one's, but I think between the three of us, you can expect a really similar amount of reps."

While Moos may be one of thirty seniors on this year's Sun Devil squad, it's still a team that will feature a few new faces in some fairly important roles, primarily on defense. The tackle stressed the importance of getting everyone on the same page this year, knowing that the Sun Devils will be tested early and often this season by some potent offenses on the schedule.

"There's still stuff mentally that we need to get squared away, in terms of assignments," remarked Moos. "We do have some newcomers who are going to be contributing so it's important for us all to be reliable and know what we have to do assignment wise.

"But I see us as a physical, dominating defensive group, and I also see us as a pass rushing defensive line, and that's new to our arsenal."

The man most responsible for getting the defensive line ready for the season ahead is new defensive line coach Scott Brown. Brown, who spent last season with Colorado State, has spent considerable time this offseason trying to mix up the Sun Devils' front four attack, adding more of a pass rush to the already stout rushing defense.

"I look at him as just a great coach who never ever, ever stops coaching," commented Moos. "He coaches his butt off! I really feel like I haven't been around a coach who's more passionate about getting people better than Coach Brown.

"Pass rush wise, he's already made us a better pass rushing defensive line. I love the guy and I'm excited he's our coach."

One of the keys for Coach Brown and his defensive line has been the preparation time they've devoted in the film room this offseason. Brown's strict film room session with his players comes as a change to Moos and teammates, but a necessary one that's hopefully going to pay dividends on the film this season.

"No matter who your coach is you're going to spend sometime in the film room, but the way he conducts himself in there is totally different," said Moos. "It's more of a sharp meeting, where as we used to be jokers and liked to have fun.

"We've come to realize now that the time we spend in that meeting room is a time to be focused and getting ready to prepare."

Coming off three seasons without a winning record, the Sun Devils have been pegged by many to be a contender in the new Pac-12 South. It's a team that has slowly been accumulating talent at every position, but now hopefully has the experience and senior leadership to finally push it over the top.

"I think this year we have more leadership; we have more guys who are in position to lead by example," said Moos. "I think last year we had some older guys who maybe weren't on the field as much, but now we're leaders. We have vocal leaders and also guys who can lead by example on the field. We're just an experienced group now. When you have an experienced group like this, no matter what happens, it's just better. And I feel like we expect more out of ourselves.

"One thing I'm really happy with this camp is, I feel like last camp we kind of seemed to feel like we had arrived at this point last season. I don't think we feel that way right now and we recognize the fact that we still need to keep on working."

With mounting expectations and hype building each week as the season approaches, Moos urges that he and his teammates remain keyed on the task at hand and prepare each day for the season's grueling long grind.

"I think the biggest thing is just focus and understanding that you're never going to get to perfection but if you strive for that you'll continue to get better," he stated. "It's all about getting better. You never really ever arrive, and that's something that we need to realize, and we'll build from there."

Only nine days separate the Sun Devils from the season opening contest against UC Davis. A final week of practice is all that remains for the Sun Devils to make any last minute preparations. For Moos, the opportunity awaits for him to make a name for himself and end his career at Arizona State on a high note.

"I just want to be able to play at an all-conference level and I think I can do that," he said. "Against the run I've been able to show what I can do. For me, it's all about proving people wrong in the pass game.

"I want to show that I can be a dynamic third down player, that's my goal. This season, obviously just take it one game at a time. We're trying to win all twelve."

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