Q&A with Coach Scott Brown

The Sun Devils' ground attack was generally silent during fall camp and ASU's front four was probably the biggest cause for that trend. Devils Digest caught up with defensive line coach Scott Brown to get his assessment of his group going into the 2011 season.

Devils Digest: Coach, fall camp is behind us and the season opener is just days away. How would you evaluate the defensive line?

Scott Brown: "I feel good about them. I think there is still some work to do, to be blunt. But I do feel good about them."

DD: What are some of the areas that you have been pleased with and what are some areas you think need improvement going into the season?

SB: "I still think we need to improve fundamentally on some things. Just basic football fundamentals. At this point of the year, the players are getting a little bored after practicing 26 times. But we still have to focus on the fundamentals.

"There are some positives. Our pass rush is getting better, which is something we really wanted to focus on. Like I said there is still some stuff we need to improve, but we are getting better." DD: The biggest "addition" to the defensive line is obviously Will Sutton who sat out last year due to academics. Can you talk about his contribution to the defensive line?

SB: "Will is very talented player. He had one little injury early in camp (concussion) but he has been really consistent. He'll obviously be a force for us. We had other players step for us too. Corey Adams has had a great camp. Bo Moos has been solid and I have high expectations from him because of his experience."

DD: Junior Onyeali missed all of spring practice and also several days in fall camp. Do you feel that he is a little behind from the level you would like to see him at?

SB: "I don't. I think Junior hasn't suffered from a confidence problem in his shoulder, which I think was maybe a question. He has worked through that with no issues at all. He's a very talented pass rusher and we're counting on him to play well against the run too. So, I'm not concerned about him being rusty."

DD: You mentioned Corey Adams the high level he played at during camp…

SB: "Corey has had a tremendous fall camp and has shown great signs."

DD: How about the camp Jamaar Jarrett had?

SB: "Very solid. He has done some great things with his pass rush skills, which I'm very pleased with. He's potentially a very good player."

DD: Can you talk about the depth at defensive end. Perhaps a question mark going into camp and now that camp is over how do feel about the reserves at this position?

SB: "Jordan McDonald has probably improved more than anybody on the defensive line from spring football until now. We expect him as the year goes on to be a contributing factor. Greg Smith has played well. He has great speed as we all know. Davon Coleman is learning the system and he gets better everyday. There is a lot of complexity to the system, so he has a lot to learn. But he is doing a great job."

DD: How about the camp Toa Tuitea had?

SB: "Toa is solid. He brings his lunch pail everyday to practice. He works hard everyday."

DD: What are your expectations for this group in the 2011 season?

SB: "I have very high expectations for them and I expect them to perform very well, and I trust them."

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