Erickson's Tuesday's post-practice quotes

ASU's head coach discussed the recent performance of some of his players as well as his team's upcoming opponent - Missouri.

On Adam Tello's practice performance

A: "Actually pretty good. I watched him closely yesterday on tape and I thought he did some really good things with his movement and getting his hips down that you would normally be bothered after a back surgery like his. Whether he plays this week or not - the doctors have to totally clear him. But I would say that he has a good chance."

On Mo Latu's practice performance

A: "With Mo our plan has always been, when we finally got him here, to play him. We think he brings us an element to the defensive front that we don't have right now and that is a 340-pound defensive tackle. I don't know if we will play him Friday or not but he will play this year.

"He's athletic as heck. The short time I have seen him, he's one of the better freshmen I have seen at that position because he has one thing and that is (great) size. Conditioning right now is the biggest thing. You don't want to play him lot, maybe 10-15 plays and working him into (the rotation)." On the benefit a win over Missouri would have

A: "Any win we can get…you don't put the whole season on one game. You have 11, 12 football games left. We have a long season and you can't put a lot of heat on one game. Would it be nice to start with that win at home against a ranked team? Of course. That would give us a lot of momentum and that is what our guys are looking forward to ever since we scheduled this game.

"They are a good football team and they are not in the Top 20 and been to seven straight bowl games because they are not a good program. We have our hands full and this will be a heck of a test for us."

On whether the fact that this game is an out of conference contest adds to the magnitude of this game?

A: "Not really. It's a game against a great team. It's going to be like playing anyone else in our league and we have a lot of good teams in our league. Like I said, it's our second game, against an outstanding football team and we'll find out where we are at."

The way things are going Missouri could end up in your league…

A: "We could have everybody the country in our league. Who knows? We might be playing somebody from Canada."

On what makes the Missouri defensive line so formidable

A: "Their tackles are good size and very stout inside. Their ends are like ours, very athletic and run up the field. Actually defensively they are very similar to us in a lot of ways in the things they do, the type of personnel they have. They just create havoc.

"They will move them a lot. Just like us they won't sit in there all the time and will try and take advantage of their athletic ability. They are very comparable to us."

On Missouri's offensive scheme

A: "They do some different things than we do, but they're no-huddle and they run the spread. But they also do some things like we do and it's like facing us. They won't surprise us but they have been very successful with that offense and they have done it with it with different quarterbacks."

On whether it means anything to him that his team in ranked in the Top 25 Coaches Poll

A: "Not at all to be honest with you. I rather be out of it (the poll). Until you just mentioned this I didn't know about it. Thanks for the info."

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