Sun Devil Fans Kick Off RACD Campaign

The Arizona Cardinals have infuriated ASU followers with their $21 million suit over allegedly lost advertising revenue in Sun Devil stadium. Several fans decided to take their discontent and form an organization called RACD – Residents Against Cardinals Demands. Tonight marked the inaugural meeting of this organization, and DevilsDigest was there to cover the event.

When the Cardinals suit against ASU came to light, an avid ASU fan by the name of Brant Roberts decided to translate his displeasure into constructive action. He formed the RACD group in hopes to create a public relations campaign that is aimed to pressure the Cardinals to drop its claim, which threatens to eliminate tens of jobs in ASU's Athletic department, as well as eradicate some of its sports. He quickly found support from fellow maroon and gold supporters such as: John Caldwell, TerryLee Tyrrell, Bruce Ward, and Darren Roman. They formed a steering committee, which will aim to educate the general public, as well as the media, on the false pretences of this lawsuit, as well as the implications for the future of the state's largest public education institution.

"Our mission is to create a public awareness campaign." Said Roberts, "By coming together as a group the media is hearing what we have to say." So far, the valley's two largest radio news stations, KTAR and KFYI, have publicized RACD ‘s activities. In fact, on Wednesday May 14th, the morning show on KTAR will be discussing the group's activities in their 7AM show. Tonight's meeting at McDuffy's Sports Bar, which was gracious to host the inaugural gathering of RACD, was covered by Fox and Fox Sports Arizona.

RACD emphasized that their campaign isn't aimed at tearing down and ridiculing their legal opponent. Tyrrell has been a Cardinals season ticket holder since they arrived in Tempe in 1988. "I want to see them thrive in the valley, just like I want to see ASU thrive." She said, "But they don't need to tear us down to succeed."

The heads of RACD know that the power of the group is in its numbers. "Just pitch in and we'll do great." Said Caldwell. The group has proposed Friday May 16th as an ASU awareness day. RACD is asking Sun Devil fans to wear any type of Sun Devil paraphernalia to work that day, so they can educate inquiring co-workers (especially the non-ASU fans) and contribute to the ongoing public relations battle on this issue. Ward said that the group is going to try and rally the governor and state legislators to exercise political influence on the valley's NFL team to drop their suit.

Time is of the essence here, and the ramifications of ASU's losing this lawsuit can and will be devastating. "This could be the death of ASU athletics." Said Roman, "I won't sit by and see this." And either should no Sun Devil fan…

Fans are welcome to visit RACD's website at, and get educated on the Cardinals vs. ASU lawsuit, as well as find out how they can get involved in this worthy cause. Donations to the organization can be made at any Bank of America branch under account 0004678027592.

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