ASU Recruit Bart Hammit

With the success in recent years of ex-Sun Devils such as Pat Tillman, Derek Smith, and Adam Archuleta, it wouldn't be far fetched to label Arizona State as "Linebacker U." Thus, when former ASU linebackers coach, Johnny Barr, came to Plano, Texas to recruit Bart Hammit as a "replacement to Adam Archuleta", Hammit was all ears.

However, if it wasn't for some proactive thinking, Barr may have not made that visit. "I was on a trip to Tempe" says the incoming freshman, "and I dropped off a tape of mine at the Football office." Suffice to say that the linebacker didn't need to be sold on wearing the maroon and gold. "I wanted to get away from Texas, so I can grow up, and have new life experiences. I really like the surroundings of campus. If I did get hurt while playing, I didn't want to be stuck in a dump of a place. I'm also thinking about life after school, and I know the jobs are better in Tempe."

Bart Hammit was recruited by the likes of TCU, Michigan State. Vanderbilt, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Louisiana Tech, Texas Tech, and Missouri. However, he knew that at 6'1" 224 lbs.: "my skills were more suitable for the speed of the Pac-10." When asked about his talents in specific, Hammit is his toughest critic: "my weakness is quickness. I run the 40 in 4.5 seconds, but I know I can still improve. I want to gain weight but I wanted to be all muscle and not lose any quickness. That's my #1 concern. My strength is that I fill gaps pretty fast, and nobody outruns me. I'm very aggressive, and I sacrifice my body on every play. I have broken every bone in my body and some teeth, and I do have a good tackling technique."

Like most of the incoming freshmen to the ASU Football Program, Bart Hammit was recruited by former head coach Bruce Snyder, and officially signed by current head coach Dirk Koetter. Naturally, this transition initially planted some seeds of doubt. Bart's father Brad Hammit recalls: "From his early commitment to ASU Bart never wavered. Once he visited Tempe he loved the place and wanted to be a Sun Devil. So when we found out coach Snyder had been let go we were very concerned and disappointed. ASU kept up contact through graduate assistants and they did a good job of reassuring but things were still very shaky." Nevertheless, it didn't take long for coach Koetter and his staff to put those doubts to rest, and impress the Hammit family. "When I learned about the defensive scheme, and saw how young and hungry the coaching staff, I got excited about ASU again. The coaching staff is like team, and I like that." His father adds: "we were pleased to see the new coaching staff hired and liked the choice. But now thoughts went through our heads like do they really want Bart since they didn't recruit him? Especially with the new 4-2-5 defense & all the great linebackers in the program already. But coach Brent Guy came to meet with Bart, and Bart seemed to like him a lot. Then coach Koetter came to visit us. They were both very personable & professional. Coach Koetter really is a strictly business kind of guy but he seems to be very fair. We made our official visit to Tempe in January and really liked it. I was very impressed with the presentation put forth by the new ASU coaching staff. All in all I would rate ASU's coaching staff and the overall recruiting presentation/process as #1 professional, #2 strictly business, #3 personable, #4 entertaining & inspirational."

Bart is currently spending his days following the demanding and grueling conditioning program that strength coach Joe Kern has mailed him. He plans to come to Tempe sometime in the middle of summer to continue working out and getting acquainted with his teammates. "I'm scared more than excited, but I do have the desire to get better. I'm anxious to come to ASU, and it's exciting here because of the new staff. Everything is exciting for me since I'm in a new place, and far from home." Adam Archuleta's shoes may be hard to fill, but Bart Hammit's attitude and work ethic does sound awfully familiar to that of the 2000 Pac-10 defensive player of the year. If nothing else, Hammit could be another household name in the long list of current and past outstanding linebackers to grace the Sun Devils defense.

Recruit Profile
Name                  Bart Hammit 
High School           Plano East, TX 
Position              Linebacker 
Height                6'1" 
Weight                224 lbs. 
Date of Birth         5/5/83 
Hometown              Dallas 
Nickname              Bousche (from "Waterboy") or Bart 
Favorite TV Show      The Dennis Miller Show 
Favorite Movie        Silence of the Lambs 
Favorite Singer       Metalica 
Favorite Food         Steak & Lobster 
Favorite Drink        Coke 
Favorite Athlete      Ronnie Lott 
Favorite Pro Team     Dallas Stars 
Person you most admire - "Grandma Georgia Howery. She raised three children on her own after her husband passed away."

First Football Memory - "4th grade Pop Warner team. We played a team from Mexico"

One Thing most people don't know about me - "I'm a real emotional guy. When I hear something moving and inspiring, I can be moved to tears."

Why did you choose ASU? - "It's a program I would enjoy to go to, and a great environment. It's just a perfect combination."

Where do you want to be in ten years? - "Living wealthy, owning my business, and playing golf."

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