ASU Recruit Ricardo Carlos

Coach Koetter, who was hired very late the recruiting season, has solely recruited a small number of this year's incoming freshmen. One of them of them happens to be offensive lineman Ricardo Carlos, who was recruited last year by Tom Osborne (ASU's new tight ends and special teams coach).

"I got recruited by Tom Osborne who back then was with Oregon." Recalls Carlos, "When he moved to ASU, he continued to recruit me. I really like coach Osborne's personality. The University of Oregon actually dropped me three weeks before my visit, because they signed all these linemen. Now I feel that it worked out for the best. Boise State actually offered me too, but it was after coach Koetter left." There are many reasons in the offensive linemen's mind that caused him to pick the Sun Devils: "I like ASU because it was relatively close to home (La Puente, CA). My father loved talking to coach Koetter when he visited me. I like the whole program. I love all the improvements they're doing to the athletics department at ASU, and I'm looking forward to seeing it all done. The campus is beautiful. I like the hands on approach they have with the students. I'm already looking forward to school. I want to major in either Sociology or Sports Medicine."

The Nogales high school graduate is a jack-of-all-trades "I actually played defense only in my freshman year. Then I played some tight end and offensive guard in the next few years. I even played a little quarterback. Imagine that, a 6'6" 300 pound quarterback. I really exploded my senior year, playing only on offense. My coach promised me that I would get a scholarship to college, and he put me in the best position I could be to get a scholarship. I know I can play on defense or even tight end. Right now I see myself on offense. The ASU coaches said they would experiment with me." Carlos is aware of the adjustments he needs to make once he comes to ASU: "I 'm at 320 right now, and I need to get down to 300. I'm more of a pass blocker, but I need to get better on run blocking."

With virtually all of the starting offensive line being seniors this year, it is crucial that freshman linemen such as Ricardo Carlos prepare themselves to play in the next year or two. Carlos' versatility could open some opportunities for him at the already-thin tight end position as well. Whatever position he plays one thing is for certain, Ricardo Carlos posses the physical tools and attitude to be a part of a young and upcoming ASU offensive line in the near future.

Recruit Profile

Name: Ricardo Carlos
High School: Nogales High School, La Puente, CA
Position: OL
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 320
Date of Birth: 4/24/83
Hometown: Glendale, CA
Nickname: Space Jam (like the purple character in the movie)
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber
Favorite Singer: Michael Jackson
Favorite Food: My Dad's Burritos
Favorite Drink: Cherry Coke
Favorite Athlete: Steve Young
Favorite Pro Team: San Francisco 49ers
Person you most admire: My guidance counselor at high school. She helped me through the recruiting process, and told me to get my act together. It worked. I can go to her with any problem.

First Football Memory Just putting on the uniform and the equipment my freshmen year, and wondering how does this go?

One Thing most people don't know about me People think I'm this big jock who always thinks about Football and is destructive. Actually, I'm very generous and have a sensitive side. I don't always talk about Football.

Why did you choose ASU? It was easier for me to deal with the distance from my family.

Where do you want to be in ten years? If I don't play in the NFL, just working in the field that I majored in.

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