RB has front row seat for brother's big game

A couple of weeks ago Byron Marshall suffered a bruised shoulder, but even with his left arm in a sling he wasn't about to change his mind about officially visiting Arizona State. As it turns out, the four-star running back's timing was impeccable as he saw his big brother, Sun Devil running back Cameron Marshall, rush for 142 yards and score three touchdowns in ASU's 43-22 win over USC.

"I really enjoyed myself," said the 5-10 195-pound Byron Marshall. "It was real exciting to see Cameron have a big night. They didn't beat USC – they whooped them. The atmosphere was really good, fans were going crazy…It was a good time."

This was naturally not Marshall's first time visiting the Arizona State campus and perhaps there wasn't much for him to see on this trip than he hasn't already witnessed. Nonetheless, having another chance to visit in-person with running backs coach, Bryce Erickson, is something that the running back did relish in.

"Coach Bryce is real cool," Marshall remarked. "We talk about what I want in a school, not just football wise. He shows me all the things that ASU has right now and the things they are doing to get better. He's really knowledgeable and real cool to talk to as a coach."

Marshall was impressed with ASU's offensive display on Saturday night and shared his thought on the streak-ending victory over the Trojans.

"I really like how fast this offense is," Marshall commented. "They would come back from (TV) commercial and they would already snap the ball and the defense wasn't ready. The offense is always rotating players on and off the field so everybody is fresh and the defense had a hard time getting their players in and out.

"I knew this offense was no huddle and I knew it was quick. But man that was fast…"

Cameron Marshall certainly displayed above average speed in perhaps his best performance as a Sun Devil, but even after being in the stands to witness that showing his younger brother does claim superiority in that department.

"Cameron is more a power back," Marshall explained. "He can give you a quick shift and go, but I'm more elusive."

The bond between both brothers can definitely be defined as a strong one. Marshall spent his entire spring break earlier this year visiting his brother at ASU, and both brothers did spent the rest of the weekend together.

"It was great just to hang out," Marshall said. "We didn't even talk that much about the game, we were just catching up. I obviously congratulated him and was excited for him but we didn't talk a lot about football."

On the same token, Marshall said that through his recruitment with the Sun Devils, ASU isn't often highlighting the fact that if he were to pledge to the maroon and gold that he would join forces with his bigger brother.

"They don't make my recruitment all about Cameron," Marshall said. "They like me because they think I'm a good running back and not because my brother goes here to school. I obviously know more about the school than other recruits do, but I'm never going to go a school because I'll be here with my brother.

"It's more about me and I would fit with ASU. It's a really good offense that is attractive to me. It's hard for team to come down here and get adjusted to the heat. It's a good school with good academics and I like all the coaches and players here. This is a good program and it's getting better in every aspect."

Marshall is planning to visit Oregon and perhaps USC, but did stress that "I won't make a decision before I take all my visits."

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