Poutasi raves about ASU visit

The football season is barely a month old, but four-star prospect Jeremiah Poutasi isn't planning to wait much longer before making his decision. His first official recruiting visit was to Arizona State this past weekend, and the Las Vegas offensive lineman was extremely complimentary concerning his time spent in Tempe.

"I loved it up there," said the 6-5 315 Jeremiah Poutasi. "I really can see myself playing there. My host player was (defensive lineman) Joita Te'i and it was real cool hanging out with him and the rest of the players. I saw a great game and I went after it to the locker room to hear the winning speech. I loved all the facilities. The indoor practice facility, they call it the bubble, was so big inside. The weight room was very big too. The locker room impressed me the most. I didn't think it was going to be that big and set up so nice with couches and everything.

"I want to major in broadcasting and communications and I know they have a great school for that. I love the academic support they have there and I know I can get all the help if I need it. I really liked that. I'm very interested in ASU."

A 43-22 victory over USC, which Poutasi attended certainly didn't put a damper on the lineman's official visit.

"I love how the offense is so high tempo," Poutasi said. "They were running plays before USC was able to substitute (on defense). You can tell they (ASU) are in shape. The quarterback is real nice and so is the running back. You can tell that they get good coaching.

"If I went there I know I would fit in with the offensive linemen. I'm just as big as them, maybe even a little bigger. I like how they play so fast and that they are balanced with the run and pass."

Former ASU offensive lineman Paul Fanaika is a cousin of Poutasi t and has shared his experiences as a Sun Devil with the offensive lineman. Last weekend, the Desert Pines High School standout got to compare Fanaika's description with what he actually saw on his visit.

"Even though Paul told me so many good things about ASU, I was still surprised by what I saw," Poutasi admitted. "I didn't imagine it would be this nice. The campus is huge and really beautiful. I guess I was really surprised.

"Paul told me that I can get the type of coaching that can prepare me for the next level. He's in the league now and the coaches put a lot of other players in the league too. The school helps you with very angle you can think of both in football and in academics."

Poutasi is ranked 27th in the nation by Scout.com among 2012 offensive tackles. The ASU coaching staff communicated to him that his offensive line position in college will strictly be determined by his performance at each role.

"(Offensive line) Coach Smith told me that if I play better at tackle, they'll play me at tackle," Poutasi remarked. "If I play better at guard, then they'll play me at guard. I know I can play both and I really don't care where I play – I just want to play.

"Coach said that I was ready physically to play in college, but he wasn't sure if I was ready mentally because it's such a big transition from high school to college. If I can pick up the plays really fast when I get there then I have a chance to play right away. If not, I'm going to redshirt like most offensive linemen in their freshmen year."

Poutasi was accompanied by his mother and aunt on the visit, and according to him "they both wanted me to commit on the visit." While the lineman was obviously not shy about his strong feelings towards ASU, he still wants to compare it to another school.

"Arizona State and Utah are the two main schools I'm looking at right now," Poutasi stated. "I wanted to compare both schools and then make my decision. I'm going to visit Utah when they play Arizona State. I didn't plan it that way, that's just how it worked out. I think I'll be ready to make my decision after the Utah trip."

The lineman said that if he did decide to take additional visits that schools such as Hawaii and Washington would be in the running.

"I'm looking for a school with good academics," Poutasi said, "A program with tradition and a place I have a chance to play as a freshman.

"I know what school in my head I want to go to, but I'm not going to go public with it yet."

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