Practice pace picks up

After a lackluster showing during Wednesday's practice session the maroon and gold wrapped up another week of preparation on Thursday, this time for the Oregon State Beavers.

"I thought it was good on both sides, a lot of energy," head coach Dennis Erickson said. "Early in the week we weren't as good as I wanted but the last couple days we've been a lot better."

With the Sun Devils coming off their win against USC, many are concerned they may overlook the Beavers and onto their next big opponent, the Utah Utes. But Coach Erickson knows his veteran unit will not underestimate the Beavers considering they haven't defeated them the past three years.

"This is a senior group," Erickson began. "I can help but they know whats at stake. Oregon State has beat us three times in a row, it isn't a joke. Two years ago we thought we were pretty good and they came in a kicked our rear ends. All these guys have been around so they know what's coming."


As for quarterback Brock Osweiler is concerned, from day one the signal caller has maintained his stance that the week, location and opponent are not a concern of his, rather playing Sun Devil football and getting the win each and every Saturday.

"That's the game and that's the way you're taught growing up, just take it week by week and game by game," Osweiler said. "Nothing changes no matter where you play or what level you're playing at and the plan hasn't changed. We're taking it game by game and this week it's Oregon State and we're focused."

The Beavers will present a physical and challenging defense, although they have struggled so far this season the maroon and gold offense will certainly have their hands fun.

"They're disciplined and they work very hard," Osweiler commented. "The have guys that won't make mistakes, they understand the schemes they're doing on defense and the execute them."


The versatility of wide receiver Jamal Miles has always been seen on the field but even more so last week against USC after a career-high performance with 9 receptions.

"Jamal is a big part in our bubble screen game," Osweiler said of his teammate. "Our swing passes and even the run game and down field passes so Jamal is schemed into this offense to make plays all over the field. Last week he was just given the opportunity to make plays and he made the most of it to help the team get a win."

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